Dropped Bladder - Symptoms & Treatments

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Can a bladder completely fall out of a woman's vagina?
I felt as if my vagina was going to fall to the floor.
If I sit for any length of time, when I get up, I hurt more
I can hardly wait to make it to the bathroom. I never
had this problem before. OMG very upsetting.
Dear, the bladder won't come out of the body. You are suffering from vaginal prolapse, and you need to go to the hospital for regular treatment according to the situation you describe. wish you health.
I definitely have bladder prolapse. This has gotten worse over the past year. Now l have to go everytime l get up from sitting or sleeping and that happens at least 5-6 times an hour, unless l am sitting. Unfortunately when l do get up l cannot hold it and void on myself, this is why l now have to wear diapers and a pad, for more security and it not being visible especially if l am out and about running errands. I AM ONE OF THOSE VICTIMS who can feel my bladder right there above my vagina wall. This is a very bad situation, l cannot go out with out worrying how much l will have to relieve myself, and it not being visible. I am 64 yrs old and that is the new 30 and if it was not for this problem l would be living like l am 30! Please l am going to see a doctor in Orlando on W. Kaley St. and his name is Dr Baker Stephen. He comes highly recommended, l hope.
Please post whether the dr was able to help you. My symptoms are almost identical to yours. I live near Orlando.
I’m the same way but I don’t see my doctor till May wearing pads all the time
I had a hysterectomy, bladder sling and vaginal reconstruction one year ago next month. After my inital surgery, I became very sick and within a week. My fiance called me from work for several hours and I did not anwser so, he came home from work and found me lieing in a pool of blood passed out. He took me to the local hospital and they began giving me blood and put me in an ambulance to the hospital several miles away where the surgery was performed. I was given more blood and antibiotic therapy. The next day I was operated on by the Original Doctor and a Surgeon who was retired. I was never given an explanation of this and my medical records were never provided. I am now suffering vaginal pain, back pain and my insides are literally sticking out my vaginal area. I cannot get the Doctor to return my calls (which is out of state) due to me relocating and I do not have current medical insurance. I am at a loss,as to what to do. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!
The vaginal pain and back pain might just come from infection, but you need Rx in that case. The bladder prolapse is another problem. It makes you suffer but won't kill.
A vaginal exam and a vaginal ultrasound is at least. It's not going away on its own, you've got to seek medical help anyway.
Get a lawyer