AL Amyloidosis - Symptoms

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Is amyloidosis cancer?
Dear, amyloidosis is not cancer. Amyloidosis is the deposition of amyloid in tissues, and cancer is an abnormal proliferation of certain cells.
My mother died of this Terrible disease
I'm sorry for your loss.
My Mother died of this horrible disease almost 17 years ago. So sad. She has been missed so much by family & friends!
How long did she live after diagnosis?
it's said the median survival is 14.7 months, successful treatment may extend it to 6 years.
My mother passed away 8 months after her diagnosis. Her heart was already affected as well
When she was diagnosed.
I presently have multiple myeloma with AL amyloidsis. I was diagnosed 4 years ago and under the care of Sloan Kettering Hospital. So far, so good! Originally they had thought my survival would have been 2 years, but here I am, 4 years later and plan to double my time again and again.
AL amyloidosis (AL refers to Amyloid Light Chain), is a clinical syndrome of bone marrow disorder caused by abnormal protein, occurring mostly among people from ages 50-80, with the majority of patients turning out to be male.

The typical symptoms depend on the type and extent of organ impairment, heart and kidneys being mostly affected. The symptoms are majored by fatigue, weakness and swelling, which is easy to be confused with other diseases.

Therefore, it's advisable to tell the doctor as much as you know so as to avoid misdiagnosis.
So can anyone tell me the symptoms of this disease... Im kinda scare...