Multiple Myeloma - Symptoms

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My mother passed away from multiple myeloma is it heredity and what are my chances of contracting it?
Hi Ms. Meacham, studies have shown a person's risk rises when brother, sister or parent has multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma occurs more in the mid of 60s. I'd like to say I can understand your pressure, I myself have a high chance of multiple myeloma which was shown by a gene test. I read quite some materials and there's basically no way to prevent. So I've decided to live happy, until it comes.
Helen, you may never get it!
Lord knows. I'm not the boss here, so I'll just let it be. For me, one pleasant day is better than three miserable days.
And, thank you :)
My mother years ago when she was in her 70s and she and I was so close .It broke my heart so bad .I miss her so very much
Is myeloma heritary?
No. It is generally not inherited. Some cases may be familial, but the inheritance pattern is unknown.
"Contracting" it it's not the word. Is you have it in your genes or not" in my family its been 4 types of cancer so maybe it's in our genes and so far its been only 2 generations. But no we didn't contracted from each other. Sorry it kind of bother me the way you asked.
My mother died as well from it. She got it in her Late seventies or Early eighties. It was horrible to see her suffer so much. I understand that it runs in people from the mediterranean climates. Her parents came from Italy and France. I looked into it because my mother's last name was Ferrari, and Geraldine Ferraro died of it, and Christina Ferrare is ill with it.  I never read that it ran in families,  only that it ran within the mediterranean cultures.  I hope nobody in here gets it, and I sympathize with all who have lost someone because of it.  I too miss my mother terribly.
My father was diagnosed of it 2 years ago. At first he was real sick, and was breaking bones constantly. Then one year later, I mean, last year, he got a stem cell transplant as well as very aggressive chemotherapy to totally wipe out his immune system. Luckily, he made it and now he is in remission and living a normal life though monthly steroid infusions are still needed.
Hello and yes even though it is usually in older people not always true I am dealing with it myself well it is smoldering myeloma and there are new drug treatment xgeva. I go once a month to cancer center and it is a I am not even 40 yet. I was told it is not heredity
Yes I've had all these symptoms and recently have had severe upper left rib and kinda chest bone around to middle of my spine I went to the emergency room 1 week ago and they did a CT w/contrast results are no heart or lung problems no broken bones they said I have a bruised breast bone w/inflamation... but I did absolutely nothing to hurt myself ...they did labs but everything's ok ...I have a hard time breathing also it's been 3 weeks total this pain in ribs/chest...can a simple blood test tell or do they really need a bone marrow biopsy??? Please help...I already suffer from severe scoliosis have many skeletal problems I deal with but this is different...please help
chest pain can be symtom of many disease, since you have had CT scan and no lung and lung problems were found  and your pain is unbearable. in this condition ,you should listen to your doctor and do systemic test to find out the reason. if it's not myocardial infaction, pulmonary embolism and Aortic dissection,pneumothorax, it's not life-threatening problem. you should also check out digestive ulcer.  
Could be Costochondritis (inflammation of the cartilage) which usually affects the left half of sternum and left ribs?  Try pushing on the left side of your sternum and compare the discomfort to any on the right side.
I have a diagnosis of suspected cancer in upper left lung just went threw cardio and reseratory problems pneumonia in right lung pain in left was gona have biopsy done but spot shrunk from 11 to 5 so the biopsy wasn't done spot too small. Thank you Jesus but I still do not know if I have lung cancer
Ms. Susan, it's good news, I feel happy for you. I've never heard any cancer can shrink on its own, have you?
My husband went to an arthritus specialisst because of joint pains.  He ran blood test and found he had Multiple Myeloma.  He has been treated at the Huntsman Cancer Hospital in SLC, UT.  It's been 4 years and he is in remission now.  Had chemo infusion and is now on a daily chemo pill, $15,000.00 a month.  Thank God for Insurance.  Because he's 81 years old and they cannot harvest enough good blood cells for a transplant, he will be on the pill for the rest of his life.  Now we just have to deal with other problems related to being on chemo.
I am glad to hear you have chemo pill to treat the disease and you insurance is covering the pay. as to dealing with the chemo side-effect:1) eating a few times a day :make sure enough energy intake, high protein, eat multi-vitamins;2)take Drugs that promote absorption and appetite.3)take Antiemetic drugs if necessary.
What is the pills name
I take that same expensive pill 4yrs now i have quite a few things i go through,I'm 55
great you've made progress but you did not tell us the name of the expensive pill which is driving us nuts
The name of my medication is POMALYST 21 days on it an 7days off it 4 time 2 build my white blood count up.
ok thank you Grip, you are the first one that truly answered my question, thanks again!
Anything that I can do to help, God bless you
God bless you.
Is the drug Revlimid . I use that drug and I have recently retired .. Which insurance or drug plan pays for that drug . I am interested for any relevant information
My chemo medication is pomalyst i use 2 take relevant my doctor  change me over. I'm on Medicaid now an they pay the premiums. And well care pays a part.
Maria, my father was on Revlimid & he had Wellcare. They paid for it. He also finally received a grant for the Myeloma & that paid for everything as well. I lost my Father on January 16, 2019.
Sorry I took so long to answer, just prayer God bless you as well.
My husbands biggest problem is diarrhea.  It comes on suddenly after he eats.  He has to take so much anti diareah medicine it stops him up and that makes him constipated.  His chemo is Revlemid.
it hard to treat the side effect of chemo therapy. it seems your anti diareah medicine should be reduced in a right dose. wish you get better as time goes by.
That's my pill also. You are right, thank God for insurance. I'm in remission now. Going in for consultation for Stem Cell Replacement.
I would try CBD oil. It is great at lowering inflammation and helps with pain and anxiety. Be blessed!!
CBD oil does works. When I am really anxious and cannot sleep, it helps a lot to just calm me there. I can consider all the f*** things until next day, help me take a ten-hour sleep, which is wonderful. Just vape it, easy enough.
My father siffered from the same issues when he was on Revlimid. No matter what he did he still had those reactions from Revlimid.
What is the pills name
Revlemid of the pill I take.
I've been having tingling in both hands for a couple days now, has been in arms previously. Have had joint pain for years. Could this be multiple myeloma or psoriatic arthritis?
Rheumatoid arthritis, an acute and chronic difference, is a connective tissue disease, which can affect the elbow joint, shoulder joint, ankle joint, knee joint, and the most common symptom of pain. Going uncertain, you can have a joint in one joint for a while, and then another joint in another. The time of pain is not fixed, can it be a few days? It can be several hours. Go to the hospital to check for rheumatoid factor negative. After active treatment, the disease generally does not recur and does not cause joint deformities, but some patients may also suffer from heart disease. The pain caused by gout is very serious, and the pain even makes the patient turn over and over in bed. This disease can cause joint inflammation, a large amount of urate precipitates on the joint synovium, causing inflammation after stimulation, leading to severe pain. If the disease is not actively treated, the condition will continue to worsen, which may cause gouty kidney damage or other serious complications. Therefore, it must be paid enough attention to gout disease. Once symptoms similar to gout are found, it should be positively diagnosed. Symptoms caused by cervical spondylosis are very numerous. At first, you may have dizziness or headache or upper limb numbness, followed by muscle spasms and arm pain. Of course, shoulder inflammation or other diseases can also be considered. It is best for patients to go to the hospital for a detailed examination. Strain or sprain can also cause pain in the elbow joints of the arm. It is best to use topical medications. For example, traditional Chinese medicine traditional surgical plaster Huoxue Shujin cream can relieve. Regardless of the pain caused by strain or sprain, care should be taken to avoid the use of the elbow joints of the affected limbs. Pay attention to rest and avoid lifting the limbs. Otherwise it is not conducive to recovery.

There are many reasons for elbow joint pain, such as bone hyperplasia, rheumatism.
Sounds like arthritis, you'll need tests to get a diagnosis though.
The area above my right knee stated hurting about three wks ago three days the same area it it now is hurting so bad I can hardly Stand the pain except it is going up. My leg. And is spreading down and around inside my leg
Hello Frances. I'll suggest that you see a doctor, because it's getting worse over time, and diagnosis takes examinations. Let your doctor help you, please.
I have pain on top of my head when I touch it. What can this be
I have had pain on the top of my head also have all symptoms of multiple myeloma plus now I have Osgood Schlatter disease at sixty! With pain ful bob on top of my rt knee. Docs are going to think I’m nuts. All my bones hurt skull bones neck shoulders Leg and hip bones, ribs bones everywhere ache.?i need a doc that will take all this seriously. I’m an Rn and the think I’m nuts. Went in cause I couldn’t walk with pain in hip bones. Nurse practitioner thinks it’s bad arthritis I think it’s hip acetabular problems whearing on an area in my hip socket...., need a doc to take me serioulsl
Sound like fibromyalgia.
It does however I’m told we are the worst patients (RN’s) best check it out. Good luck.
Check for Polymyagia  Rheumatic. Sounds like I went through, thinking that my FIBROMYALGIA  on a Rampage. PC went on prednisone,  40 mg. Relief.
Pain on top of my head when I touch it
This area, usually the pain is from sensitive nerves. Vitamin B-12 may help a bit.
What kind test check if u have this illiness
M protein.
M protein yes, also the blood panel, serum free light chain, BUN or creatinine for kidney function.
MGUS TEST then bone biopsy if positive for Multiple Myeloma
Biopsy is the most critical test to diagnose multiple myeloma, which is defined as blasts>20%. Additionally, you may also have to do a bone scan to look for bone sites affected by the multiple myeloma.
A bone  biopsy is very painful my doctor doesn't give me anything b4 the procedure. Diagnosed with multiple myeloma 2014 oct3.
Grip can you tell me the name of your dr?
I have been through four of these biopsies. Three of these without sedation. When I found out that they do do them with twilight sedation I refuse to have any more without it. These bone marrow biopsies are extremely painful. I will never put myself through it again without twilight
YES!!!! Extremely painful! This was the most painful process I have ever had. More terrible, I was told it would take about 20 to 30 minutes, but I was in the room for 90 minutes. After the 5th attempt they got another doctor who got the sample instantly. I am honestly dreading the next time.
I have mm and have had stem cell transplant,  bone marrow biopsies (uncomfortable but bearable) in my doctors office and have had several relapses.  Pills including revlimid and pomalyst have been part of my treatment regimen.  Darzalex infusion has been the latest treatment that immediately put me into remission.
The most painful procedure for me was the kidney biopsy. That was truly the worst ever. I was diagnosed in 2010 so nine years in and still fighting.  I work full time and turn 59 in January.
I also have ulcerative colitis,  another auto immune disease.  Does anyone with mm also have U.C.?
Hi, there! It seems that we’re undergoing almost the same thing. I was actually diagnosed with mm about 14 years ago and am among the luckiest survivors. In 2007, I had a stem cell transplant. Incurable as it is, I’m doing just fine. 14 years on and I still have hopes. And yes, I do have ulcerative colitis. It was a recent diagnosis given by the Dr. who said that it would be fine if I got treated promptly. So here I am, telling you that everything’s gonna be fine if you don’t give up on your life and live it up. With meds and home remedies, my symptoms of ulcerative colitis are much improved. I feel less crampy pain and have less abnormal rectal bleeding or constipation. May God continue to bless you!
My doctors name is David Portnoy Memphis tenn.