Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma - Symptoms

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it's possible. Regular follow-up is needed.
Thank you. I had Hodgkin lymphoma at age 69, changes of it coming back now at 72?
Yes. In a minority of people with Hodgkin or high-grade non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) their disease relapses after treatment; This is most likely to happen within the first two years of remission.
it's possible. Regular follow-up is needed.
Is leg edema a symptom of lymphoma?
I was wondering that same question. I had a cancer taken off my leg I sprayed round up in Calif around farms I wore shorts because it was so hot there.
Is leg edema a symptom of lymphoma?
No, Ms. Toder, leg edema is usually linked to heart problem or kidney problem.
That's how my dad's started. It was his knee
Is it heart problem or kidney problem?
It certainly was for me.  I am a small person and my legs and stomach together had about ten pounds of liquid when I was first diagnosed.  My legs are much better now after completing six chemo treatments, but there is still some swelling.
You had non hodgekins
Common causes for leg edema include heart failure, kidney failure, varicosity and disorders that can cause low albumin in the body. It is not common in the lymphoma unless there is swelling lymphode or lump that has compressed the vein or lymph-vessel.
yes, for over 11 years plus .