Peripheral Neuropathy - Symptoms

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My doctor’s discussion note:
Right CTS. No right ulnar neuropathy. NCS of lue was normal.
 Trying to understand what this all means
I am not sure about the initials, you have the right to ask the doctor about the meaning.
You have Carpal tunnel syndrome, your nerves are fine.
I am not sure about the initials, you have the right to ask the doctor about the meaning.
Actually Barbara I am on the highest dose they are legally allowed to give you which is 1200mg 3x a day. So I would talk to your Dr. And yes SEE A NEUROLOGIST!!!!!
Sonya lynn, i have a neurologist ,just had 3 MRI'S, he said my MS has progressed a great deal ,& my neck MRI showed blown disk but said since i can't tolerate any of the MS drugs nothing he can do & my neck said he can't do surgery due to my health & breathing problems, he upped the Gabepentin ! & my pain management dr is going to do 2 nerve blocks tomorrow  said that's the best thing that can be done to help my pain & burning ! So my neurologist did a home sleep study & i have sleep apnea & now use a cpap , my pumologist has done a CT of my lungs will find out Nov 9 th if i have cancer again,!! So i thank you for your input , i really appreciate it & God Bless you
I have neuropathy as well and my feet are often very swollen and on fire!! Have you tried Nitro- bid (Nitroglycerin ointment)? I was skeptical at first but it really helps A TON!!
Lue---Left upper extremity--left arm
PN since oct 2019
Have you tried gabapentin?  It has helped me with me body burning.
I also have MS, and I used to have that burning all over pain. I started to take magnesium and potassium and that helped
Pain Mngmt Dr just upped my dose of PregabaLin to 225 mg 2xday. My Fibro and my Neuropathy continue to get worse. The higher dose has done nothing.
Have you tried other medications such as gabapentin or Tylenol? In addition, since you just increased the dose of the medication, maybe it hasn't started to work. It takes some time. You can wait and see for another few days.
I have more of an electrical shock sensation on my thighs and knees usually at night.  It can last from 20 min to 3 hrs. I can't seem to get an answer to exactly why it is.  I am diabetic.
Diabetic neuropathy may show  electrical shock sensation.
you also should check out if you have Disc herniation. if not, you can take drugs to treat Diabetic neuropathy ,like Mecobalamin vitamin B12
Sciatica I have the same sensation when I walk too much or at night time when I lay down on a certain side from my bottom down to my knee he just feels like it's numb if you get in the water it also feels like you have fluid in it sometimes
I’ve had PN about 15 years. Started in my R foot, then L, last year in both hands. My R foot became swollen with increased pain over a year ago. PCP referred me to a vascular MD since I have edema. Negative. Went a number of times to an ortho. Said it was a stress fracture from osteoporosis but not healing because tatdive dyskinesia makes me shift feet when I stand. But after a year, I seriously question the Dx. A few months ago a patch of skin on top of my foot started turning light brown and extremely dry... almost like leather. Could these skin changes be from PN? If so, any remedy?
you should see a doctor special in Rheumatic disease.  maybe it's just PN. By the way , do you find out the reason of PN, is there any way to correct it ?
Hi, Everyone,

Dr. Berg addresses PN and includes that there is a B-1 and B-12 deficiency.  Written below his online video on the topic is the following:  "Deficiencies in Vitamin B12 and B1, which causes short circuiting that electric flow and start getting nerve issues. The solution is to fixed the insulin problem and start taking vitamin B12, B1 in fat soluble form and nutritional yeast which you can get from your nutritional store."  

You can watch his video called "How to Relieve Peripheral Neuropathy" on YouTube.

Hope this helps someone.
Hey, I appreciate your information. I am looking at all the info I can get to see what can work for me. Thank you for your suggestion.

I appreciate everything I have read. I had no idea so many people suffered with this. I use ice packs all-day long for the bottoms of my feet. I also like to confuse my feet by using heating up my rice packs and wrapping them up. Then I forget about my leg pain for a while too. I am in the north in snow country, and I put on big socks sometimes and walk out in the snow to try to cool the internal heat burning my feet. The cold snow seems to calm the nerves down and the walking feels good on unpacked snow. I also leave the tub filled with cold water. I walk in the tub water like it is lake water on a summer day kicking a bit to cool my feet. Sometimes I sit for a half an hour until they actually cool down. I use "Healthy Feet and Nerves" (Terry Naturally) supplements to also calm my feet.

I am gluten-free. I am cutting my sugars more all the time. Cooked veggies are my main foods because I have gastroparesis (stomach paralysis). It was a medication Reglan, Metoclopramide, that gave me neuropathy! However, my neurologist says she cannot state that as being the cause of my neuropathy. I never had neuropathy before this medication and five days taking the medication and I have burning/throbbing feet. I feel like I am walking on sharp pointy rocks that are hot. I am so crippled I can barely walk around the house to get a glass of water or go to the bathroom. I didn't even know what burning feet meant! Yet, one doctor says you had to have had problems with neuropathy before this! However, I did not! I was a walker, a backpacker, a hiker. My life I had known has been taken away and I pray God gives me the patience and strength to endure this time in my life because I don't know what I will do for stress management now. Walking was my joy!  Now it is being taken from me. I am so sorry for what all of you are enduring. I hope one of my ideas may have helped someone. God bless your journey. We may not be physically walking but we sure are on a some expedition for answers!! God bless.
I also love walking, running and hiking, but no matter what happened to us, we have to stay active. Staying active is one of the single greatest things we can do for our body. This is certainly true for everyone who suffers from peripheral neuropathy.
can degenerative disc disease cause peripheral neuropathy
yes,it can cause peripheral neuropathy, mainly presents as Lower limb pain and numbness, intermittent claudication.
This type of symptoms is mainly caused by disc herniation, osteophyte hyperplasia or spinal stenosis, which affects nerve supply. The typical leg pain caused by lumbar disease is sciatica, which starts from the waist or hips and extends the back of the thigh, and the outside of the calf radiates pain to the foot. Intermittent claudication is mainly manifested by walking a certain distance (usually with the disease aggravating, the walking distance is gradually shortened), the lower extremities appear sore and painful, like the filling of lead, so it is difficult to move. At this point, the symptoms can be alleviated after bending or sitting down, taking a break for a while, and then increasing again after starting to walk.
You just described everything I've been going through for months and nobody would listen to me when I tried to say what I was going through.
Me too...same exact symptoms
Have you seen a doctor? Mine was sciatica.
I cannot express how much your post has helped me! You have stated exactly what I have been dealing with!!!!
thanks but can degenerative disc disease cause peripheral neuropathy

again thanks
Yes, the answer is affirmative.
Diet to follow when you have neuropathy b
Peripheral neuropathy is associated to diabetes, you have to take medication to manage the blood sugar, and take a low GI diet. Meanwhile, foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds are good.

Not always related to sugar though at least is what dr told me
I had test yesterday that showed nerve connections from brain to feet and hands and visa versa also dr said if I was 80 we would deal with it but at 59 she said I’m too you going.  Other symptoms include sharp pain all over my body that feel like I am being electicuted or stung by a huge scorpion I have bad balance issues always
Us falling hitting my head I also have severe skin sores that won’t heal that has been going on for years and mot only does it hurt the sores just show up they used to itch terribly that has improved lately.  I was tested and have minor deminised short and long term memory.  I am miserable and I find I have to be a firm advocate for myself to get to the bottom of this.  I have been looking for a job in marketing and communications. But it doesn’t look great to walk into an interview stumbling and out of balance not to mention the sores and the difficulty concentrating and responding in an intellligent manner.  I am so afraid I won’t be able to get a job with peripheral neuropathy and we are in dire financial straits I am not sure I can get disability I really don’t want to I need to keep busy.  So sorry for this long note I am just getting all This information at once and frankly I am confused and scared.  My husband and I were looking forward to doing some traveling in the next few years I guess I could get a motor scooter.  Any suggestions, ideas or feedback would be appreciated I am relatively new to New Jersey and after 5 years really have no friends ok no more sob story wising all a pain free goood day Tina
Only when it's severe and makes you unable to work could you get disability benefits. I guess it's not that severe in your case...Wish you could find a way to relieve the symptoms.
Maybe all your problems are caused by the sores. The sores caused whole body sharp pain, making you unable to concentrate. May I have a look at these sores? I would recommend you to see a dermatologist and get your sores treated.
Hi Tina God bless you sweetheart. I will be your friend  God is so good and as long as you are doing all you can then call on the name of Jesus, He promises to do the rest❣❣❣☺❤
amen to that
I have painmuscle spasomd touch ferls like heat burning tingling i csn hold something and drop it in seconds i want to know what todo for it please help.....
Hello. It sounds like nervous system disorder, symptoms include tingling feeling in skin, weak muscle strength. A neurologist can help.
I've had lots of numbness in my legs and arms it feels like rubber and they burn, also lose my balance and have fallen,it goes from my lower back to my feet,whom should I contact to see if it serious
A neurologist can help.
Good luck the only thing I have been told is to increase gabapentin, now taking 3200mg of it, just started with CBD oil and getting off of the medication. Having to learn to live a life in pain. Now starting it in my hands too. I have tried everything on the market hoping for good results with the oil
I have nerve compression due to spine problem, I've found yoga helps me more than anything else. Don't know if yoga can help in your cases. Just in case, I'd like to share my experience.
I have had pain and tingling in my feet for years. The only thing I can figure is that a lifetime of edema has caused nerve damage in my feet. I am otherwise healthy. I have been using a diabetic foot pain cream called magnilife. It works most of the time and has solved dry skin issues and helps my husband with arthritis pain. Are you ingesting the cbd oil or using it externally?
I'm using magnilife on my lower back, sciatic. Magnilife is herb extract, I feel comfortable using magnilife.
What is CBD?
It's Cannabidiol.
Hi Judy you can take up to 3600 that's what I'm on and I'm topped out. I would love for ya to get back on here and let me know whether it is working or not bc I smoke marajuana but I hear it's different I  a tincture. Please let us know.
I recently began having numbness and slight burning in my feet and part of the ankles. What can be the cause. Otherwise I am a healthy senior woman.
The feeling of numbness and burning are often associated with nerve problems.
Ive had neuropathy for the last 12 years,  I been tested for it, itruns in our family of 5 kids. Ive tried meds, dont work.  Im not seeing a Internist to try and get help.I don't sleep at night, its gone from my feet to legs to arms to hands. Im getting very depressed, especially bcz of no sleep.
Sometimes I also feel the numbness, prickling and tingling in my feet and hands, spreading to the legs and arms. It feels sharp and burning, hard to touch. So, I went to the doctor's and sought for some help to ease the symptoms. And the doctor prescribed some pain relievers and anti-seizure medications for me. These are really helpful and I highly recommend you have a try.
Could you please specify what is your diagnosis exactly, since there are too many genetic neuropathies out there? Is your insomnia caused by the pain, which is commonly seen in patients with peripheral neuropathies? If so, have you tried gabapentin? It may relieve the pain, thus you may sleep well.
Hi, Neuropathy can increase.  A Neurologist would probably want a spinal tap to see what is or isn't in the fluid, and how much fluid you have in the spine, from the brain.  Gabapentin is the generic name for Neurontin.  It can really help.  It's better to have this tested and find out the cause because some things can not replace themselves in our bodies.
Go to a neurologist honey. A family doc doesn't really understand like a doc that specializes in what your having. Ik believe me bc I have it too. No diabetes.
I have been diagnosed with neuropathy
 When I got my MRI from neurologist it shows stenosis and bulging discs
 He said no back problems and can do nothing for neuropathy so I'm seeing another doc. I'm 80 and have fallen 4 times
 LeGS buckle and I fall. Using wheelchair or mobility scooter so I can be independent but not fall. I knew the doc was just dismissing me and I will not give up. Now I have weakness in my hands. Any suggestions
Your symptoms are very typical of neuropathies.  The starting point is disc herniation, which causes lumbar nerve compression.  This in turn causes numbness of your lower legs and may be a cause for your fall.  Your hand numbness may also be caused by disc herniation at the cervical spines.  Generally these conditions can be managed by operations.  However, you are 80.  The risk of the surgery is very high.  Probably few doctors would risk to operate on you.