Groin Pain - Common Causes

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I’ve had groin pain on right side for years now. Two years ago had to replace the right hip and doctor said the groin pain should go away. It didn’t. Then I had back surgery and was told the groin pain would go away. It didn’t. Now the pain is really bad and my pelvic bone is hurting. Tell me who I should see. I’ve been to PT and had pain management but nothing helps

Is the femoral head normal? Does the pain aggravate after the activity, and is there a fixed tenderness point? Does oral medicine alleviate symptoms? Focus on muscle gap signal. Is there anything wrong with the lumbar spine? A lumbar magnetic resonance imaging is recommended.
I have had a stent put in both sides. Left side first and then my Right side and for the past few months its been giving me trouble. And I have still got the little knot where the Doctor made the incision. I am just scared that it could be something serious. Because I do have what they call DVT.
I had a feeling the hip joints need a check-up.
Groin pain right side getting worse can't lay down for to long was told it was my hip I have not falling or strain it can you help me
I'll consider the possibility of Neuropathy.
I had a pulled muscle in my groin
. It's been 3weeks and is still very sore can't lift my leg