Shingles Home Remedies - Relieve the Pain

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I’ve had shingles under my left breast for 7 weeks now I’ve been on prednisone and a prescription cortisone cream and nothing is helping the blisters reappeared and it’s painful and hard to keep the area dry. Do you have any suggestions.
Thank You
Hello, first of all, are you sure of herpes zoster? Is it diagnosed? Secondly, if it's shingles you need to go to the hospital for other treatments, for it's kind of long, treatment such as some antiviral drugs. If it's not convenient to go to the hospital, you can also take oral antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, and take it according to the instructions. Usually, dry and clean gauze can be used to clean the blisters. I wish a speedy recovery.
Not long at all... I got shingles 3 months ago, the blisters faded after 2-3 weeks, leaving some scares. Nothing would relief pain completely, just calmed the edge a little. I recently recieved a cortisone shot on my lower back hoping to get rid of the pain damage. Hopefully pain will go away after 3 mths. I'll try 1 more treatment and be back to normal God willing. Trying to stay positive!! Finally these pain pills (Hydromorphone) helped more than other crappy pills I was prescribed. Stay positive it will get better!!
Thank you sooo much I'll try Hydromorphone
Do NOT take lyrica as was prescribed for me. The side effects were terrible! I couldn't speake without slurring my words or stand up on my own. I was helpless. It did nothing to relieve the pain. I slept as soon as I sat down.
Every person is different and can have bad experience for good dont knock any kind of medication until you know how it works for you.
I’ve had shingles under my left breast for 7 weeks now I’ve been on prednisone and a prescription cortisone cream and nothing is helping the blisters reappeared and it’s painful and hard to keep the area dry. Do you have any suggestions.
Thank You
who give you the prednisone cream? I think it's not right. did you have anti-viral drugs or cream? you absolutely keep it dry to protect the skin from bacteria infection. Valacyclovir or Ganxiclovir,such drugs are proper to use. Recombinant Human Interferon a-2b GeL also is helpful.
I have been having pain from shingles for over 14 months. I am on gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day which I wondering if it is helping but maybe because the pain is bearable. In the beginning of the shingles the pain was unbearable. Additionally I am using capsaicin cream and still in pain with the medication and the cream. I hope & pray that this will pass.WHEN!!
Hello, gabapentin is for pain relief, it seems working a bit in relieving your pain. It's so annoying to have shingles for so long, shingles usually recover faster than that. It means your immune system is still working hard on clearing the virus. So why don't you try the natural ways of boosting immunity?
I had an open mohs done for a basal cell skin cancer on my back doctor left it open to heal.  3 weeks in I had terrible pain Dr said not healing well injected 5 shots of a steroid next morning was first in his office due to unbearable pain. A different Dr said I had shingles.  Long story short 4 years later I’m in terrible pain unable to do most things I did before.  No one can help me, not even pain clinic.  Anyone with any suggestions please respond.  Have tried everything.
I have had shingles since Jan 19 the rash is gone and fever but the virus is still there pain in my back on the left side and under my left breast I am on the gabentin 300.  I dont like takin the drugs can plus it has not left im my nerves will it ever go away for good hurt so bad
The pain is likely from postherpetic neuropathy (PHN), a complication from Shingles. Wtih PHN, feelings of pain remain long after the blisters have cleared up. It’s caused by nerve injury at the rash site. Some people have the pain for one year, some can experience the pain for ten years.

If you don't like oral drug, you may try skin patches. They are small, bandage-like patches that contain the topical pain-relieving medication lidocaine, or capsaicin, an extract from chili peppers.
I had the original shingles vaccine and then proceeded to get shingles 3 times after that. The first time was more intense. I went to the Dr and he prescribed Acyclovir. That really helped. The second time, it was less intense but lasted a long time. I was traveling so I just waited it out suffering with the burning itch. Now, I have it again. Only a few poxes showed up but the burning itch is back. I tried Abreva (for cold sores), cortisone cream for the itching, finally just tried an ice pack. That has helped the most.
Good luck! I hope this helped!
Wonder know if the Abreva truly helps you cuz my gf got shingles too. Waiting for your update
Work with someone to help boost your immune  System. Having cancer can decrease your ability to heal. So, go at it differently, by changing your diet, and taking supplements that can help boost resistance. God bless you, and may you heal soon.
Change diet like how?
And supplements? Which ones?
Here's a food list that you can choose to include in your diet:
Grass-fed beef
Cultured dairy
Organic chicken
Raw garlic
Fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C
Also, you need to avoid:
Fruit juice
Carbohydrated beverages
Fried food
Changing your diet may be conducive to your shingles treatment, but it cannot cure the condition.