Why My Urine Odor So Bad?

5 Answers

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My urine has an awful smell I can not identify.  It is not an ammonia smell.  It is awful..and I smell it constantly.  Even after I wipe aggressivly.  It concerns me. I also can leak, just think about getting to the bathroom
take a urine test,figure out if it's Urinary tract infection。drink much water,maybe 3000ml or more, if your kidney function is ok.
do you have diabetes?
if you are a old lady, Urinary incontinence is not rare. situation like this, don't drink too much.
try to visit the doctor
Also in the morning it's greenish yellow ?
Can UTI cause strong urine odor?
Yes. UTI could make the urine have a distinct fishy smell. Other urine infections that could result in foul include bladder infection, and inflammation of the bladder (cystitis).
My urine smells like ham or bacon, for about 3 weeks now.
The bacon or ham smell in the urine may be due to concentrated urine in the early morning. It may be due to some foods like high protein, asparagus or vitamin etc.
Mine is so bad that it could knock a buzzard off a manure wagon. Been to doctor, he says I’m fine. Toilet says I’m not. Other than fine a new MD, what’s my next step ?
Did your doctor order a culture? If the culture comes out clean, try to drink more water see if it improves.
If your urine test if fine ,you should not worry so much.
I also have a bad urine odor, but mine smells sour or pungent this started a few months ago and gets worse when I sweat also my stool sometimes has the same odor? I have been diagnosed with IBS but never had this issue before? It is driving me crazy!
You should have urine and stool  routine test. Especially, urine protein should be tested. Besides, you should see the doctor who give you the diagnosis of IBS, ask the doctor about the therapy.
Mi smell like a fish and have a lot of bubbles . What is this?????
Hello, the reason for this situation is very complicated. It is recommended to check the urine test to see if there is any infection or other diseases. You should drink plenty of water and keep the perineum clean.
Sometimes it's what you eat. Tuna makes your urine smell fishy, and asparagus gives it a really bad rancid smell. I found this out after a trip to the urologist, fearing a worse problem. I avoid it now.
thanks for sharing, I eat none of these but I'd dig out what my bad guy is.