What Is the Earliest Symptom of PAD ?

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I want t find someone that will test me for this. I have complained for years and told I had neroipy. I have the constant foot pain but also suffer from leg cramps in bed   help me
have a  ultrasound test for arteries and veins in Lower extremity.
exclude gout
I have pain when I am standing.. sometimes I can walk short distances but if I try to walk or stand greater then 10 minutes or so the pain starts.. buttocks thigh to toes.. mostly right but sometimes left. I have a positive MRI for L2 rupture on right and left. My doctor ordered the ultrasound but Medicare won’t pay for it.
Anyone know of what diagnosis to use?
Hello, according to the symptoms and results, you have sciatica. The main treatment principle is to rest on a hard bed, keep warm and cold, prevent moisture, and keep the waist muscles slack. If you can't stand the pain, you can take painkillers such as indomethacin and ibuprofen. Ultrasound therapy should have a certain effect, you can try it.
I have unexplained neuropathy in my legs for about 8 years. I have seen many doctors and not one has given me any answers. I've had brain MRI's to check for MS and lumbar spine MRI's. Money after money wasted for no answers. I finally asked my doctor to prescribe me Amitriptyline for restless leg syndrome. The heaviness climbing stairs and numbness/tingling pain in my legs I know is not restless leg syndrome. But the 25 mg of Amitriptyline helped in a matter of 3 days. It also helps with my insomnia. So right now, my pain/neuropathy is only being masked by the Amitriptyline but I'm okay with that. Eventually my body will just keep getting used to it and i'll have to keep getting the dosage increased but I started at the lowest dose anyway. Which is 10 mg. Not sure what else to do but good luck.
So your symptoms of your legs are heaviness climbing and tingling pain? Have you checked your vessels especially arteries? Patients with stenotic arteries may cause claudication of the legs and abnormal feelings. On the other hand, do you have diabetes? Chronic diabetes over ten years is likely to have peripheral neuropathy.
What is the treatment of intermittent clarification? The pain in my leg is severe. I can only walk a short distance, about one and a half blocks.
If you're sure it's intermittent clarification --- pain in the leg, especially the calf, is from insufficient blood supply to the muscles. The insufficient supply of blood is related to PAD. Treatment is more on lifestyle change. Drugs are mainly to prevent blood clot, stimulate the blood flow, lower the cholesterol. Prescription works better. If you want OTC, take Aspirin. The long-time solution is to lower the cholesterol.