Why is My Urine Cloudy?

3 Answers

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My pee was clear some but little normal faom at the end thin blood drops came out never seen this before but not pain, ? May a kedney stone came out? That happened last week two days in the road I think this week I have been drinking more water and mixed with green juice and mixed with fruits greapfruits, strawberries a lemons limes, spinach,apples,parsley, mandarins, cilantro,avocados, garlic, onions,green peppers,honey etc, all that stead of too much g
Cream and sugar I had no coffee since January 1er until now.  So finnally no thin blood at all now..thank God.
If you want to find out whether you have kidney stone, you should see a Urological doctor, x-ray of kidney should be tested. Besides, painless hematuria may be a manifestation of tumor, you should see a doctor.
My urine has a weird metalicy smell and it’s very cloudy. I’ve had UTI’s and kidney stones but it’s never smelled like it does now. Any idea why?
UTI is possible, this infection can be caused by a different bacteria.
for a few days now i noticed i cant hold my urine and it appears to be very cloudy, i have the urge at least once every half hour and i pee alot it does not trickle, however i have no pain or discharge or any fowl smell, i now have my period so i am waiting to finish to see the doctor. i am scared, i think it is diabetes as i am over weight and that illness runs in my family.
If you're worried about diabetes, you may take a blood sugar test, use a home monitor to test the fasting blood sugar with your finger point blood, then you'll know the result.