What Causes a Sepsis(Blood Infection)?

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In June on 2018 I had surgery to get kidney stones removed and a stinct placement on my left kidney. On July 5, 2018 I woke up normal and later that day I had a fever to 104, vomiting, and chills VERY BAD and I went to the hospital and the rushed me to the back . they did another emergency surgery on my left kidney, and while having surgery I caught pneumonia. When I woke up I was in sicu. The doctors told my parents I had an infection in my blood but NEVER explained how serious this was so one day I look online and see what does it mean and I seen SEPSIS. So I ask my nurse and she tell me I'm septic, I was away from a whole month. And in September 2018 the same exact thing happened to me again. And now I'm having a lot of trouble with my kidney. I'm afraid to go through another surgery. Because every time after the surgeries I'm always getting sicker than I was and I have a 2yr old son that I fear of leaving behind. Just wanted to share my story of being a septic patient.
I am sorry to heart about your story. since you have get out of danger for 4 months(since September ).it means you recover.
kidney stone leads to your SEPSIS. you should check out your kidney regularrly by ultrasonic. don't worry. it has gone. hope you no kidney stone in the future.
My beautifu daughterl lost to sepsis after delivery of her baby one month by getting blood transfusions that were not irrigated blood my heart is forever broken I miss her every day
Where did she get those blood transfusions? That is scary and devastating. My heart aches for you.
I'm so sorry for your loss.
The items listed are not causes of sepsis. What are the environmental factors that could lead to the exposure of infection, I.e. Sitting in a soiled diaper too long before it is changed, for the elderly UTI's
Hello Lew. Sitting in a soiled diaper too long before it is changed might get you into infection, but not necessarily sepsis. An infection occurs when bacteria enter one's body, multiply and cause illness. If that infection isn’t stopped, it can cause a life-threatening condition called SEPSIS. Sepsis is often linked to infection of lungs (pneumonia), kidney (urinary tract infection), skin and gut. So any environment factors that might cause infection in lung, kidney, skin and gut are no good. However, the most important things of prevention are managing your chronic medical conditions, guarding your immune system by eating well and exercising regularly, practicing good hygiene, such as handwashing, and keeping cuts clean until healed, and getting medical support when you're in an infection. As long as the infection is well managed, it won't develop into sepsis.
A friend just told me she has blood infection. I haven't known her very long..I'm worried about her tho. Is sepsis contagious? What could possibly be the problem? She's in her 30s is very thin. Could she possibly have HIV?
Sepsis isn't contagious. It means she had an infection, the infection wasn't treated properly and it develops into a blood infection. HIV, a blood test will tell you. Being septic doesn't mean being HIV infected.
And I forgot to mention that my leg raked across the bathroom sink as I was trying to use the commode and that's why I am a little afraid because my leg bled a lot when I first done it and it still wants to bleed a little bit..And now it's a little bit more red than usual and I'm not sure what to do. But I sure hope someone can help me out here so I can maybe get a little bit of sleep tonight. Thank you
You don't sound like septic at all, sepsis is a serious infection, people get high fever, heavy sweating, fatigue, even unconscious. You're a bit anxious, other than that you sound fine.
My brother died of sepsis but he took a blood test an doctor says no infection an he died a month later.these is not right if no blood infection why did he died he passed November 10 2018. Corner says sepsis an I talk to the doctor an he said he did not have a blood infection.this has to be a wrong full death
The doctor who said your brother died of sepsis must have found the evidence of infection, otherwise he shouldn't tell you it's sepsis. It's either the previous blood test wasn't right, or the infection occurred after that blood test.
They want to give my sister chemo for her sepsis.Is that a normal procedure?
For severe cases, yes, chemo is an option of treatment.