Blood Infection & High Fever

3 Answers

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is it contagious
it's can be contagious depends on the pathogen.
My sister iS in hospital  as we speak she do have cancer how ever do to a stient procedure to take pressure off her bladder because of large mass. Now the doctors are running blood culture to see if there is infection in blood.
The result of culture matters, when the result comes out, it'll tell you which bacteria it is.
It's important to have blood test, especially  blood culture, which could find out the exact bacteria or other pathogen. Thus they can use the effective anti-biotic drugs to treat the infection.
My friend is in hostptail shes in the third stage with sepsis her hands are turning totally black why is she dieing how long does a person have to live with that going on
Hands turning black - a venous return problem? May consult a vascular surgeon.
It really depends. She's having a very severe sepsis. Sepsis needs early aggressive treatment, I guess your friend didn't seek medical help until she's very sick.