Sepsis of 50% Mortality, How to Treat it?

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My husband just passed at 44 two days ago at 2am from low pressure after being in icu for 3 weeks from pneumonia and septis! He was in real bad shape when he was admitted  and was put in induced coma and ventilator. He was doing so much better, and they took him off paralysis meds and he woke up on Monday and was doing so much better, numbers doing good, infection improved tremendously after 2 weeks in induced coma. So I read that septis n pneumonia lower blood pressure so doctors give u vasoactive meds to raise pressure! So I do not understand how his blood pressure would lower so much and kill him! I'm going to get his medical records and find out if they were giving this to him after removing him from all meds! I just don't understand how this happened after he was doing so much better after 3 wks
you can ask the doctor about this. My opinion is it's normal and possible in a peeumonia and septis patient. pneumonia and septis can induce Infectious shock and low BP.