What Is Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma?

2 Answers

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Hi, I have sensitivity and itching sensation in the left side of my upper back.
I am very concernig I had it for 1 week, what can this could be?

Thank you

Do you have rash?
do you have any rash? do you have diabetes? do you try on new clothe?do you have Allergies before?
regional sensitivity and itching sensation may  be not a big problem. if it real bothers you, go to a dermatolgist for help
Diabetes may cause itching feeling, so confirm your blood sugar level is a step to take. If your blood sugar is normal, the itching feeling may be allergy, it could come from something you contacted.
I have large cell lung cancer...it shot a tummor to my brain..will it cause another one..i had that tummor took out..
I am sorry that the prognosis for lung large cell carcinoma is very poor. Not much can be done about it. Surgery will not get rid of it.
Well, don't mean to upset you but it is a ruthless one! My grandma fell one day and she chose to stay in bed for fear of falling again. Then she began coughing and coughing! She was sent to the hospital then and found out that it was large cell carcinoma. Despite all the treatments, she passed away six months after being diagnosed with great pain.