What Means Poor Circulation?

4 Answers

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I am a captain on a boat and tend be sitting a lot and when I go to stand my legs feel as if there about to collapse underneath me and it take a about 10 min to be able to walk and then there the constant pain above my knee and below my knees I have both knees get shots in them and both had repairs done but still in pain not sure what wrong I have high blood pressure and heart disease runs in my family need help I'm only 47 and overweight
Do you have low back pain? Is the knee pain aggravated when you squat? I suggest you go to the orthopedics to have a check.
I have some tickling stink an my right side,rarely,but it happens occasional and also over time starting having vains an my chest,arms and legs am embarrassed to wear spaghetti  taps
I am not sure what are you talking about.
do you have skin problem? or infection? should you see a dermatologsit. I am not sure.
My right arm always feels numb especially when it's cold during the day. Feels like I have poor circulation, not enough blood flow or something like that.
do you have diabetes? Diabetic peripheral neuropathy ?Cervical spondylosis can cause this. I am not sure.  A few disease can show symptoms like this, you should see a neurologist to find out.
I have numbness in right thigh yet I also have the feeling of pins and needles. What is the cause? Should I see a doctor?
I'll recommend that you see an Orthopedist.