How to Relieve the Poor Circulation?

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Why is it when I stand up it's like the blood rushes into my big toe an the one next to it an feels like it s going to burst. MY two toes turn purple an my foot hurts what should I do
There are several main causes of head dizziness caused by squatting.
First, head dizziness caused by anemia. In fact, many people have the phenomenon of anemia, although some people look very strong, but there are symptoms of anemia, many people are fat, physical fitness is very poor, usually there is a partial diet, a long time slowly appeared anemia phenomenon, anemia patients squat a little longer each time, will feel the head is very. Dizzy.
Anemia patients should eat more blood-enriching foods, such as dates, peanuts, etc., especially women, because each menstruation will lose a lot of blood, so more attention should be paid to blood supplement.
Secondly, if there are three high cases of patients, the symptoms will also occur. Sangao is a common problem among middle-aged and old people in our country. Hypertension, hyperlipidemia and hyperglycemia will affect people's health. Sangao patients are very weak. Every time they squat down, they will feel their head dizzy and may have syncope. During the process of squatting toilets, some elderly people will suddenly appear the symptoms of fainting, which is caused by Sangao. .
Third, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are also a major inducement for squatting dizziness. Patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases can not circulate blood vessels, so as long as they squat down, the brain will appear symptoms of hypoxia, so that patients suddenly appear dizziness. This situation is prevalent in patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. If this phenomenon occurs frequently, we should treat the disease in time so as not to deteriorate again.