A1c Test - Normal Range

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Why can’t anyone give a straight answer???!!!!! Give me the A1c chart!!!!! No diverts come on redirects aaarrrgghhhhhh
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Thanks so much for giving us the numbers I was trying to find
I absolutely agree! Why can't you just answer the question without going off on a tangent about other info?
Can’t you ask your doctor what is best for you?
They are trying to sell..not giving you a straight easy to find answer is their attempt at luring you in to Fear and thinking Meds are your savior..
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Too much sugar

Insulin resistance 

The normal range is 4.0% to 5.6%. A result between 5.7% and 6.4% suggests an increased risk for diabetes, and the condition is called prediabetes. If the result is higher than 6.4%, it means the individual already has diabetes.
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Let me upload this chart for you. Since Warriors lost I don't have anything better to do anywhere.

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The chart above indicates “6&7” as good, but the written report says 6.5 is diabetic. So, which one is correct?, should a person with 6.5 A1c need diabetic meds? ( its been 6.5 for last three years )
There's some misunderstanding. For a person who has not been diagnosed with diabetes, an a1c level of 6.5 is borderline, and you should take further exams to see whether you are diabetic or not. However, if you are diabetic already and want to know how is your blood sugar controlled, you'll do an a1c test. When the test result is 6.5, it means that your blood sugar for the past 3 months is well controlled. Have I made myself clear?
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