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Hi, my son is 12 year old and the ANA test results level came in 80.  He’s pediatry told me he’s positive with Lupus. I’m so confuses and scare as a mother.
Hello, although ANA antibody is not a specific antibody for lupus erythematosus, combined with rash characteristics, such as butterfly erythema, photoallergic, etc. can also make a diagnosis of lupus.
My results are 1:180.  Reynaud's present for many years along with facial rash, joint pain migratory in fashion most recently in my hands and wrists.  Feet involved as well.  3 joint replacements beginning at 55.  Father with joint issues beginning in early 30's his father was assumed to have tuberculosis of the bone and died at 51. My only first cousin, also female,  died in 2015 from lupus acquired as a teen. I have several congenital deformations part passed on to daughter and granddaughter. My daughter is 33 and beginning to have joint issues.  Desperate for answers for the future of my family.  I realize this will probably be read by nobody but a relief to just write it down.  RN for many years but experience is in pediatrics.
Early treatment is beneficial.
I have a positive ANA, PHOTOSENSITIVE, facial rashes, joint pain and a daughter who has lupus, but my doctor says I don't have lupus and don't need further testing.
It is better to have another test: Anti-Sm antibody. This will help you to know if you are prone to have lupus.
Is a result of 0.47 a positive result or negative result
There are two test methods of ANA - IFA and Immunoassay. IFA is reported in a ratio, like 1: 240, immunoassay is reported as a number with an arbitrary unit of measure. Your number looks like the one from Immunoassay. It depends on the cutoff provided by your lab, the cutoff can vary among various labs. The lab I'm familiarr with takes <=1.0 U as negative.
Is there one or two results that can pinpoint if its autoimmune or another problem?
No. There're many types of antibodies, each antibody can relate to a couple of autoimmune disease, so the dr. has to evaluate which disease is likely, then order relevant antibody tests.
I recently had my ANA and RA Factor lab test drswn. Both came back positive. Is that anythingvto be concerned about??
Hello, ANA and RA Factor are tests for autoimmune disease, if you also have symptoms, it's likely you have RA.