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I gave blood the other day they said my Hematocrit Results was 14.7 is that low i am a 48 year old male should i be on a daily iron pill
You should identify if you are iron deficiency.
My iron absorption is 12,  dr said it’s slightly low, but not to be concerned,  do I think that’s too long.. they said no
Drink lots of fluids n watch salt intake
Iron is an important trace element that sustains the life of a living organism. The metabolic process of iron has a well-established control system in advanced animals including humans, maintaining a relative equilibrium state of iron absorption and excretion. Many diseases can cause abnormal iron metabolism; abnormal iron metabolism can also cause a variety of diseases. Normal people maintain iron balance in the body and need to take 15mg of iron male and 20mg of female daily from food. Therefore, pregnant and lactating women are prone to iron deficiency anemia. The normal source of iron is iron in food intake (Fe2+) or plant (Fe3+) and Hb released from aging red blood cells. Iron is generally absorbed in the small intestine through the active transport process, the absorption site of iron is in the upper part of the duodenum and jejunum, and the absorption site of VitB12 is at the end of the ileum. Therefore, the removal of the jejunum can cause iron absorption disorder leading to iron deficiency anemia. Lead to megaloblastic anemia. The absorbed Fe2+ is oxidized to Fe3+ in small intestinal mucosal epithelial cells and combined with apoferritin to form ferritin. The Fe2+ absorbed into the blood is oxidized to Fe3+ by ceruloplasmin→ combined with transferrin in plasma before being transported to various tissues. Each molecule of transferrin can bind to two molecules of Fe3+. Only one-third of the transferrin in the body is iron-saturated. This indicates that the transferrin saturation is 33% under normal conditions. Total iron: 50-55 mg/kg for normal adult males and 35-40 mg/kg for females.
Main distribution: red blood cells (hemoglobin iron 2500 mg, involved in oxygen transport in the blood), muscle (myoglobin iron, 140 mg, involved in muscle cell respiration), liver, spleen, bone marrow (for storage of iron: ferritin and hemosiderin 300 ~1000 mg), the transpeptide protein iron (3 mg) in the blood, is the main transport form of iron. Other tissue cells (such as other ferritase) are less distributed.
My count is 10 what does that mean
Hello Elizabeth, do you know the measurement unit of your iron count? Is it mcg/dL or micromol/L? 10 mcg/dL is way too low, but 10 micromole/L is almost ok. If your count is 10 micromole/L, the value is only a little bit lower than the normal, you may add iron-rich foods in your daily diet.
Hi, my iron is 327, iron saturation 83% tibc 392. My doctor told me to stop taking my iron supplements she had me taking them twice a day. Plus it was in my multivitamin. I’m worried I want to know will I be ok. An how to lower the iron in my body. Thanks
Hi Bernice, it's ok. When you reduce daily intake, the iron level will come down.
Hello my name is Monica My iron level is 21 My hemoglobin is 12 Is this normal?
Hi Monica, is your iron level 21 mcg/dL or 21 mmol/L? The hemoglobin is very slightly below normal range. If your iron level is 21 mcg/dL, you need to take some iron supplement. If your iron level is 21 mmol/L, you're almost fine but you can take more iron rich foods in your daily diet.
My name is Heather, and my iron came back at 1060! I haven't done the follow-up test yet. What can I do to get my iron level down?
Not necessary, keep following up with your doctor. Lowering down iron in blood through diet is a long period process. It won't work before you see your primary next time.
If you've been on iron supplement, stop taking it. On diet, avoid iron rich foods, mainly red meat. Take foods rich in calcium, or phytates, polyphenols or oxalates that can impair iron absorption, to make a list they are egg, milk, yogurt, cheese, tea, vegetables, coffee, soy, fiber, nuts, legumes and whole grains.
My name is Mary,
I had colon cancer restructured in April and July thru October I was dizzy and almost fainted 3 times. Cancer center found my iron level was at 7 and I had 2 iron infusions about a month ago. Now I have metallic taste in my mouth. Is this related to iron and when will it stop?
Hello Ms. Mary, the metallic smell will go away when you no longer need iron infusion.