Hematocrit Test - Normal Range

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Leukemia following chemotherapy?
normally it should be treated by chemotherapy
Hi I have the igg4 disease, with a blood mass, growing in a lymph node in right armpit I've had for three years its 4 centimeters. Cirrhosis of liver hept.c for 20 years, I've been going to USC .for checkups and all my Doctoring for a long time. Have upcoming apt.but they say no to surgery cause its not cancer but that's a yet, ! To my belief.is igg4 related to my gums infection? I can't eat properly any teeth.& or pancreas? Shouldn't I get this removed? They say they can't do anything until my sickness is better.like fix my hept.c nothing is going to be better until I get a new liver or any thing fixed .am I going to die?
You situation is complex. IgG4-related disease is a chronic, systemic disease closely related to IgG4 lymphocytes characterized by elevated serum IgG4 levels and infiltration of various organs and tissues by IgG4-positive cells, including common lacrimal glands, pancreas and In the retroperitoneal space, the affected organs or tissues may cause diffuse enlargement due to chronic inflammation and fibrosis. This type of disease responds well to corticosteroid therapy. It can not be cured by surgery. But the corticosteroid therapy may worse your HCV in liver. You should consult a Rheumatologist or hematologist. The treatment has to be managed very carefully.