Why Do I Bruise So Easily?

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Hello, I will get one spot that will itch most of the day and when I wake up I have a huge bruise
Hi, are you allergic? Is there an allergen in the living environment? Is your itchy area fixed? When is the most serious? Is there any external or internal medication? How's the effect? I suggest you check the allergens first.
I have just consulted my doctor and still wait for my report. The doctor said it could be the purpura. Is it serious? It can be cured, right?
Hello Grandy, Purpura can be connected with a list of underlying diseases, in order to cure it your doctor will give you various tests to find out the root cause. The root causes can be low platelet counts, medication, blood vessel problems, etc. Normally having purpura is not a life-threatening condition but if you have bleeding in the brain it can be deadly. But this happens very rarely. All the best. HTQ