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I have failing heart with water gain and am now taking meds and recently been using meth and drinking and have open sores over body with warm redness around sores. I awoke thismorning and just below front left knee and half way down leg is hot red area and very severe pain crying and can hardly walk , no sore present but back of leg there is a open red sore but not as painful as front . what is this and how do i treat it?
Actually,seeing your sores is essential before answering your questions.You should consult to a dermatologist.
My mother had congestive heart failure her leg swelled her belly swelled she had open sores. I would get checked out by a cardiologist. Raising your legs  above your heart will help with swelling of the legs. There is a cleanser called Hibiclens that will help with infection. Ask your doctor if you should wash your fluid intake. My mother died two months ago and I took care of her since 2003
Just reconnected from colon rectal.
my feelings IBS.
I have bright red blood & blackish looking large blood clots in my stool.
Fever, Chills, Headache.
Blurry, double vision.
Abdominal: Pain, cramps, achy, pulsating, throbbing, constant, worse with movement, radiates to sides.
Left side chest pain at upper part of breast, radiates up to clavical area, up into the left front side of neck..Throbbing, to under left arm and down it.
With pain and numbness in left arm that comes and goes.

Please if someone can give me advice, idea of what is going on.
I would seek professional medical advise instead of wondering what’s going on.
Ring finger turned dark, followed by a extremely throbbing and burning pain after sex. Pelvic pressure with shingles and a uti. All these in or at the same time. My doctor was on vacation and the gynecologist wouldn’t take me for those symptoms. Went to urgent care after the rash started on my panty line. She indicated it was shingles. She put me on antiviral at the lowest dose of one gram. This was due to my ckd. I also have type two diabetes and I cannot get to my pp still too busy after two week holiday. Now I still am suffering with the pelvic pressure and pain.  I really need a complete blood work for all this. I also need some type of sonogram for py pelvic pressure but I am unable until I can see my pcp. I am scared and have searched the internet until my eyes close. And I am not getting better. I went to the store and bought a pill for uti. I am still going orange. My bowels have slowed down and I need no telling what.its a guess to all symptoms happening all at once. And I don’t know if it’s really shingles or a prolapse pelvic organ. Uti most possibly because my frequent ongoing over active bladder turned into urge and  no go.  Can anyone tell me if they have any information on this.
it seems you have a lot of problems at the same time?
most Uncomfortable and urgent is your shingles. antivirus is a right choice. you can also use some external use cream to control the pain.
all of your symptoms can be caused by T2DM, eg :UTI ,shingles, slowdown of bowels movement. so you should go to a endocriologist to evaluate and control your blood suger.
I was in the middle of taking a shower and out of nowhere I started experiencing server pain in my upper left arm left side of lower back that moved to my upper back left rib cage rapid heart rate and hurt inhale .
Likely a heart attack, please go to ER asap.
It seems very like a heart attack, you should  go to ER right away.
Do you have high blood pressure or coronary heart disease? The heartbeat speeds up, probably because the water temperature is too high, and the surrounding capillary vasodilation leads to a relatively insufficient supply of oxygen to the brain. If the pain is not relieved, it is recommended that you see a doctor in time.
What do i do
What happened?
My husband started complaining about a annoying pain on a vein on the right side of his neck, any ideas what could be causing this?
veins have no nerves and can't cause pain. you should see a doctor and see what is it.
Erik Alonzo Let's see you lifting a heavy piece of furniture down a narrow hallway and getting your veins on the top of your hands jammed up rounding the corners, then tell somebody that veins have no nerves and can't cause pain? Blowing up a veins, cause severe pain. Spoken from a frequent childhood
Patient that grew up and became a critical care RN
I've been having sharp and steady pains in my upper left abdomen and I already have ulcers but I take carafate and prilosec but this pain is not what I have felt from ulcers in the past. I've had diarrhea and nausea. I had a full hysterectomy and no longer have an appendix or gallbladder.
Given that the gallbladder is resected, I think ulcer is the most possible cause. How long has it been since your last gastroscope? I'll suggest one. Besides, you may need a fecal routine and occult blood test, see if there's any bleeding in the GI.
second time I have felt light headed like i was ready to pass out.  goes away within few minutes.  Blood pressure was151/78.
you sjould see a cardiologist. do 24 hours EKG monitoring test(HOLTER) and 24 hours blood presssure test. Also , TIA also should  be excluded. you should see a Neurologist and have brain MRI+MRA.
blue knuckles both hands
Hello, are you trying to say that you have a lot of veins in your finger joints? It suggests a sub-health state in the body, which may be due to less oxygen molecules in the blood or abnormal metabolism of the body due to hot weather. It is recommended that you carry out further examinations, appropriate improvement and treatment, maintain a good attitude, do not worry too much, and make appropriate adjustments.
I wear a headset at wk it tight on the right side of my head above my right ear ..I also wear an apron that holds the vocollect and it pulls down on my neck ....I have pain in the back left side of my neck and wat feels like I went to the dentist and the shot is wearing off in the right side of my face .....was sent to the hospital at had all kinda test done for stroke issues none found so I know it's not that ..wat could it be ?
Have you done MRI of the cervical vertebrae? Maybe this check may clarify your cause.