Causes of Upper Arm Muscle Pain

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The muscle between my elbow and shoulder just started to hurt out of nowhere. All i was doing was helping a friend set up speakers system in his car. Then a hour later pain.
do you feel better now? It seems like you have sore muscle. try to relax. if it not goes away as time goes by , you should go to the doctor for help.
Besides acupuncture what exercises for shoulder pain?
Pain commenced with only slight pain and swelling, but overnight increasing pain resulted in more swelling and pain at level 8.  My motion decreased restricting raising my arm and range of motion.  I applied ice which seemed to reduce the swelling but not the level 8 pain.
what'd the reason, if you can't stand the pain ,you can take pain-killer.
I also sometimes experience tingling in my fingers on the hand with my arm pain.  That happens mostly when I am laying down or sitting.  I am a person who walks for exercise, but no heavy exercise with weights etc.   I did have a very small TIA this past year at the very end of my nerve endings in my frontal lobe.  Should I go back to the Neurologist who I consulted that that?
Do you have symptoms of muscle weakness other than pain? If your answer is no, it tends to be arthritis, and has little to do with the TIA of the nervous system.
Hello I had a stroke a few years back. I started taking statins that my doctor prescribed to me . It did not help I was in the hospital like every 2 months. Finally I stopped taking prescribed medication 3went natural. I started taking cayenne capsule and other natural supplements that worked for me after research. However cayenne haves a remarkable effect on my symptons. I no longer take prescribed medicine. All natural for me. I suggest a health book. That describes natural supplements and herbs
yes cayenne immediately reduces the blood pressure and stimulates the circulation and it should be noted that stroke is preventable—eat less fats, choleseterol, and salt
I have pain and tingling all down my right side! I had surgery for bladder cancer in August 2018! The pain and tingling is getting worse! I don't know what this is but I hurt all the time! Some days are worse than others!
I don't think it's heart -related.
have you see your doctor to do test excluding tumor metastasis?
maybe it's Neuralgia. but you should do tests to exclude other disease.
I fell snow skiing. My right bicep felt like it was cramping or  Charlie horse! But I couldn't lift my arm or reach and no grip.
Then it felt like it popped . The pain was better.  But very sore.
Then cramped up again.  It's just weird and painful. It wasn't my shoulder it was my bicep area n down the out side.
Have you taken the X-ray? How many days have you been wrestling? If the shoulder joint activity is limited, you need to take a film with or without joint dislocation or fracture. Soft tissue swelling such as local muscles may last for a while to disappear, and local can be used as a hot compress.
I have pain in my neck,shoulder and goes down my left arm sometimes to my fingers.This becomes unbearable when I sit,I went to my Dr.he diagnosed me with pinched nerve this is week four and the pain is still there,what am I to do?
Local hot compress, if you have severe pain, you can take oral non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
i have pain in my shoulder and down my arm. I have alot of pain trying to lift my  arm up or behind me i can not get dressed with out pain this has been going on for several month and getting worst.
How old are you, when do you find shoulder pain, how long the pain lasts, when is the worst of the day, and under what conditions can you relieve your pain? Have you taken oral painkillers? I suggest you go to the clinic to consult. good luck!
Same here, only it is on both sides and constant pain - cannot sleep.
I don't know how long ago this was posted but I hope this helps. I was diagnosed with Poly Mialgia Rhumatica by my RhumatologIst it sounds like the same symptoms . You can ask your doctor and see what he suggests. I tested negative but because I had a high sed rate ( inflammation rate) and other symptoms I was put on prednisone . I have pain and spazims in my biceps and pain in my upper arms nothing has helped but I have a new doctor he put me on baclofen it is for muscle spazims it seems to help. I hope this helps, Good luck I hope you can find some relief
I have constant pain in left abdomen, left back, sometimes left shoulder, have had tons of tests, nothing comes out. Don't know what to do. Pain pills help but I don't want to take pain pills always without a diagnosis.
James Braswell, have you been able to get a diagnosis? I wonder if you have or had elevated lactic acid. Hard to really say without knowing more, but hope you’re better.
How old are you, when do you find shoulder pain, how long the pain lasts, when is the worst of the day, and under what conditions can you relieve your pain? Have you taken oral painkillers? I suggest you go to the clinic to consult. good luck!
I am 62 pain all the time taking 800mg ibu.3xa day I did see pain management he said pinched nerve in the rotator cuff thank you
I am getting a MRI for mine.  Will see what the pain dr says.  This is living hell as it just came on me a week ago.
What do you think I might have if I get hot flashes in my upper arms that spread across my chest and only lasts a few minutes?
Honey, please tell me your sex and age. Pain radiated to the upper arm over the age of 40 may be more likely to be associated with cardiovascular disease. Do you have a family history of cardiovascular disease? Stable angina pectoris is caused by myocardial ischemia caused by exertion, which leads to discomfort in the chest and adjacent areas. It can be accompanied by cardiac dysfunction, but no myocardial necrosis. It is characterized by paroxysmal compressive asphyxia-like sensation in the anterior chest, mainly located behind the sternum, and radiated to the anterior cardiac region and ulnar side of the left upper limb, as well as to the lateral side of the right arm and both arms, or to the neck and mandible. It lasts for several minutes and often disappears rapidly after rest or sublingual nitroglycerin administration. Angina pectoris is a clinical symptom of myocardial ischemia caused by temporary imbalance between myocardial oxygen demand and oxygen supply. It is produced when the blood and oxygen supplied by coronary artery can not meet the needs of myocardium under certain conditions. Most of the patients are over 40 years old.

Angina pectoris is characterized by paroxysmal chest pain.

Mainly after the upper or middle part of the sternum, it can spread to the anterior cardiac region, with a palm size range, even across the anterior chest, the boundary is not clear. It usually radiates to the left shoulder, the medial part of the left arm to the ring finger and the little finger, or to the neck, pharynx or mandible.

Chest pain is often oppressive, stuffy or constrictive, and can also have a burning sensation, but not sharp, unlike needling or knife pricking pain, occasionally accompanied by a sense of fear of dying. When seizures occur, patients often unconsciously stop their original activities until the symptoms are relieved.

Attacks are often triggered by physical labor or emotional excitement (such as anger, anxiety, excessive excitement, etc.). Satiety, cold, smoking, tachycardia, shock a
I have been having pain in right shoulder since Thanksgiving. It started in my left arm a week later now my right arm is in severe pain
From shoulder to fingers.
Hurting in the inner bend of the elbow is excruciating
With diagnosing the reason for this the doctor wants to do epidural injection in the lower neck... I don't want to mask the problem I want to know
What it is and fix it
the doctor didn't give you tests to find out the possible cause for this? this can be tricky. after many test, you still can't find the reason.
these are the possible cause:
1.Joint disease
Such as rheumatoid arthritis, periarthritis of the shoulder, scapular muscle strain and other diseases and bursitis and tendonitis can cause shoulder pain.
2. Coronary heart disease
In general, in addition to shoulder pain, patients with coronary heart disease may have post-sternal or anterior region of the squeezing discomfort.
3. Pulmonary cancer
When a cancer occurs at the tip of the lung, the developing cancer tissue can compress or invade these nerve plexuses, such as shoulder muscle pain. This type of pain is usually caused by a burning underarm, a burning pain in the inner side of the upper limb, especially at night. If the shoulder is severely stressed, it will also affect the movement of the shoulders and upper limbs.
4. cervical spondylosis
The pain is mostly numbness and has the feeling of radiating from the upper limbs and hands. The most common pain site is concentrated in the shoulder area except the neck, which is above the collarbone, above the shoulder peak, and in the area above the shoulder scapula.
5. Shoulder inflammation
Pain is persistent dull pain, and pain often manifests as soreness and pain. Most of the pain is located in the deltoid area, which is the area below the clavicle, the area below the shoulder and the area below the shoulder.
6. Acute cervical radiculitis
More common in young people who work at the desk or work long hours. The onset is more urgent, the pain is severe, and the severe radiculopathy is the main symptom. The pain is radiated along the nerve to the shoulders, arms and fingers, and may be accompanied by electric shock.
7. Cervical spinal cord tumor
The onset is slower and manifests as severe pain on one side.
8. Spinal arachnoiditis
Shoulder and arm pain can be bilateral, with a long course of disease, often exacerbated by fluctuations.
9. Cervical angina