Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR)

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hi my son is 46 is gfr is 51 he been real sick has mouth ulcers also .he is worried he don't have very long to go his alt is 80 ast is 70
If your son has diabetes or high blood pressure, he must control blood sugar and blood pressure. It is recommended to have a high-quality low-protein diet, eat more animal protein, and eat less plant protein. At present, liver function is only about twice the normal high value. The glomerular filtration rate is less than 60ml/min, and it is already in the third stage of chronic kidney disease and should be treated. Dialysis can be performed is needed. Many people can still live for decades, so don't be too pessimistic.
My GFR NonAfAm is 4.2
My GFR AfAm is 51
What do these tell me?
I don't know what NonAfAm and AfAm stand for.
you'd better ask the doctor who give you the blood test.
You would be on dialysis if your estimated GFR is truly 4.2. But  doubt it. It may be 42. Are you white or African American? That is the meaning of AfAm. It means the calculation is for non whites. NonAfAm means the calculation is for whites. They are calculated differently, for race because the kidney function of a white person is different than non whites. I don’t understand why, but there it is. Go back and look again at the estimated GFR on the lab result. They should be giving you also, the Stages of kidney failure for different ages. A lot goes into the calculation. As we age, the estimated GFR goes down, because it’s normal to lose kidney function gradually, over time. Ask your doctor what all this means. Yes, if you do in fact have Stage 3, you need to adjust your diet, know why your kidneys are failing, and what you can do to help them. I have been in Stage 3 for at least fifteen years. I knew I hurt my kidneys by not controlling my blood pressure very well. So, I learned what to do. I cut my protein intake, I cut my sodium way down to below 1000 mg a day. I am a compulsive label reader. Nobody can help you unless you are willing to learn and help yourself.
My mother is 81 and her GFR is 18. She has no appetite and is in a lot of pain. She has high blood pressure but not diabetes. The dr seems to not be too concerned but this means Stage 5 kidney failure. Am I missing something?
how is the serum creatine? is it very high? patient with high serum creatine have no appetite and feel nausea. I think dialysis shoulb be considered. you should ask more information from your doctor.
Hello, I am 52, have protien and urb in my urine.  My gfr is 56.  Any advise what i should do?  Bun n creat is normal range.
Limit protein intake, choose high quality protein, low salt diet
I am 53 yr old female with creatinine 1.66 and GFR 34.  Do I need to see a specialist?
yes, you should see a specialist, ask for tips of life style,including: protein, salt, cholesterol intake, water intake. you need to do test to find out the cause of this.
My GFR (Non-African American) value is 60.  I am male, age 65.5.  What can I do to maintain better kidney filtration rate?  My PCP indicated I should eliminate all anti-imflamatories such as Advil and other OTC medications for pain relief in lieu of Tylenol 500.
I think your PCP is okay. You should listen to the doctor. How is  your serum BUN and creatinine and urine protein? Do you have diabetes?You should ask your doctor about lifestyle tips.
I am 69. Very bad diabetic had GFR test today it's 68 what should I do??
Hi Ms. Richards, the most important things are to managing the blood sugar, and prevent the impairment in kidney function. When the test comes out, you'll know how your kidney is functioning. Then follow your doctor's advice. You'll need to watch out on your diet and exercise.
Hello, you are  in the second phase of renal function staging (kidney function is mildly impaired) now. You should strictly control your blood sugar, which is the main cause of your kidney damage. Strictly control the diet, strengthen exercise, take actions to control the blood sugar.
Please give me says to decrease my creatine and incense my kidneys filtration levels I have been trying so hard and my results are still low.
Hello Mary, have you tried a strict diet plan? Limit the amount of protein and phosphorus in your diet,and also limit calcium, sodium, and potassium.
My glomerlur filtration rate is 84 L Should I see a kidney Dr My Dr office said all blood work normal My red blood count is also low
Hello, what is your age? If you're 60+, GFR 84 isn't bad. Lower red blood cell count is associated with kidney function, anemia occurs in patients with kidney failure, but currently your GFR value is acceptable. How low is the RBC?
My GFL is 57 and I am 75 yrs old. Should I be concerned?
My gfr is 48 I am 66 years old. What is the next step
People with impaired kidney function tend to have more toxic in the body, the toxic was supposed to be metabolized through urine. It's definitely bad when such toxic accumulates in the body. In this case, keep your bowl movement regular becomes even more important, so that the toxic can go out of the body through bowl movement. Sweating is another way to give out the toxic.
In stage 3 what you need to do is a treatment plan and diet plan to slow down the progression as much as possible. Seek advice from your doctor, get medication, get a list of foods to avoid.