What Are the Kidney Infection Symptoms?

4 Answers

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My pain started on Thursday but I've been drinking lots of water and some cranberry juice and my pain has gone down to maybe a 2 the only symptom that I had was lower back pain on my left side and little bit of diarrhea does that means that my kidney infection is going away
Urinary tract infection is sometimes asymptomatic. Urinary microbial culture is needed.
what is a good diet for abnormal creatine blood count
Hello, Do you mean creatine or creatinine? All the best. HTQ
Last Thursday I started getting some sort of pressure down in my lower but upper back on the right side just below my or should I say behind my lower rib cage it comes and goes but I always feel the pressure and it's now 5 days later I work out so I thought maybe I pulled a muscle but I don't think there's any muscles there
I didn't get an answer yet but I do a lot of work and I move a lot and sometimes the pressure and pain is knee bending like I'm number eight on a 1 to 10 then it'll dissipate to like a 2
It sounds like angina or a coronary problem. Go to see a cardiologist.
Your description is very obscure. I think you should see a doctor and do some tests, such as EKG, ultrasound for the abdomen, chest X-ray, and blood tests, to find out some clues.
what is all involved in having kidney infection
With kidney infection, there is pus in your kidneys. Certainly, you would not see the pus with your eyes. You, instead, will have symptoms of high fever, flank pain, and pain with urination. Once you get treated with the antibiotics, the pus and infection would go away, and you will be cured.