What Is the Life Expectancy of Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma?

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I reply because it is the day my husband had surgery for his lymphoma tumor - it started in his hip bone, and required major reconstructive surgery as well as a complete hip replacement. Following the PET we found it was stage 4.

We are following the radiation and chemo treatments. The first three radiation treatments completely ended his hip pain. The first chemo treatment ended his seriously bad cough. Right now he is suffering from a serious cold (chest congestion) immediately following his second chemo. And his weakness leaves him mostly wheelchair-bound; but we have faith that he will walk normally again! And it takes great faith! He is 86 years old now...

God bless you - I believe we live the life God gives us, no more. He decides the term of life and when it will be over. I sympathize with the tiredness - as a caregiver, I see the weakness and daily naps my husband could never survive without. May God grant you the life you so truly desire to live!
God bless you and your husband, Mrs. Holaway. I think it's a brave move to share your experience out. I do hope there can be breakthrough in cancer treatment so people get relief.
I was diagnosed in October 2003 and I've went through chemo several times, radiation several times and I have had 3 stem cell transplants. I've also had multiple surgeries to remove lymph nodes. I even had to learn how to walk again because a node set up on my spinal cord. Now it's been 16 years and I went to the doctor today June 4th and I have to go have another one removed from my neck.I'm going to do every thing my doctor has me to do cause it has seemed to be doing good. And I've alway had faith and hope for a cure for the kind I have and I believe there will be one before long but I agree with everyone else that God is the one who knows when your done. And trust me I'm not done. I've got 4 grandbabies to watch grow up now.
I wish you the best luck, Sharon. Sometime in my life I know I would be having something similar, I wish I could be as strong as you are at that day.
I wonder if I can expect longer life expectancy as technology improves and more medical advances accomplished?
I am a non practicing registered nurse, with experience with cancer treatment, but little experience with lymphoma. I was told I had only a few days to live if I did not receive treatment and my life might be extended eighteen months if I underwent a very aggressive chemo and radiation regimen. I determined I did not want to live longer, I hoped to live better and I simply refused. However, I have survived stage 4 lymphoma for ten years in October. Having seen the results of chemo and radiation, I refused chemo and radiation and after choosing to treat my disease with natural means, I refused the MRI's, x-rays, and CT's persistently recommended by physicians. I went on a raw vegan diet for around a year and have taken the native remedy, Essiac since soon after my diagnosis. I have no idea why I am still alive. I believe God decides the time we are born and when we die and try to leave it to Him. I go on and off the raw vegan diet and avoided sugar entirely until just recently when I have craved sugar and went
My fiancé had Burkitt’s lymphoma which falls under the NHL umbrella. Burkitt’s is very aggressive and grows new tumors every 24-48 hours. He was stage 4 when it was discovered and died 2 weeks after diagnosis. He was on chemo and went septic during two causes of death on his death certificate

1. Septic shock

2. Burkitt’s lymphoma

 The Medical Examiner said every organ every lympnode had the cancer and that in his 53 years of life he had never seen a body so affected. He stated that he had only had the cancer about a year.
Only 2 weeks?? God is so cruel. May your fiancé rest in peace.
Please accept my condolence. It fits Burkit's lymphoma well. It is extremely aggressive, meaning the lymphoma cell is crazy. It proliferates extremely rapidly and it infiltrates a lot of organs.

The direct cause of death is sepsis, which is very common in patients undergoing chemotherapy. The chemo and lymphoma both contribute to immunosuppression, which makes your fiance extremely susceptible and vulnerable to infections. I'm sorry. May he rest in peace.