What Are the Symptoms of Advanced Liver Cancer?

3 Answers

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My husband drinks a lot every day.  He used to put off massive amounts of body heat when sleeping.  Now body heat is gone. Replaced by violent bouts of throwing up in the middle of the night.  Is this symptom of liver failure or disease
Hello, long-term heavy drinking is prone to liver dysfunction, cirrhosis, liver failure. How much is his daily drinking and how long has he been drinking? What kind of wine to drink? What does his vomit contain? Is there a brown substance? I suggest him to check liver function
My husband has pain in his back and side to the point where he screams out. There are many times that he feels this pain in his chest as well. He has been diagnosed with cancer of the liver.   Is there anything that he can do about the pain? He is getting treatment for cancer, he gets an injection once a month. This seems to be working the cancer cell are not getting worse and they have diminished some.
Did you consult with your doctor , is there any Common complications, such as upper gastrointestinal bleeding, liver cancer rupture, Bone metastasis can cause Abdominal pain . If there is clear reason for this. then you can ask the doctor for pain-killer. Pain-killer is permitted in cancer patients.
Why cant I get an answer to my question about stage 4 liver disease .ceroioes...how long is life expectancy. When haveing stage 4
5-year survival rate is 3% for stage 4 liver cancer, life expectancy varies in people, some respond to the chemo or target therapy in 2-3 years, some don't respond.