COPD - End-of-Life Signs

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I have end stage COPD & cannot find a direct answer to my question. I’m on oxygen 24/7 & 77 years old
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I have end stage 65 male, name is Vet and cant get help
Please contact your local Hospice group. They are the most caring knowledgeable group for end stage of life. I can’t say enough for the caring approach you deserve
How do you know if you are able to add a half dose mid way through a dose?
 How do you know if you may be entering end of life?
The life expectancy of patients with end-stage COPD can only be extended by lung transplant. If you have extreme difficulty breathing and your overall condition is generally not good, it is a bad sign that your days are approaching
I have had COPD for about 20 years.  Since Dec 2019 until now I cannot breath.  I am a vet an I have to be referred to a pulmonary doctor for an oxygen test to see how much oxygen I need.  My Pulse ox is staying at 96 but I can not talk or walk or carry anything without loosing my breath.  I have a nebulizer and 3 inhalers that don't help.  Am I entering the final stages of my disease?
Hi, janine, what is your FEV1%? If it is less than 30% then it is final stage (stage 4) of the COPD. But your pulse oxygenation is Okay. Do you want to get a lung transplant if it is becoming more and more severe?
Is there any new way to handle the pain. If you are dying from emphasyma do you smother to death.
Hello, usually using non-invasive ventilation can ease the patient a bit.
I have seen a lot of these symptoms with my mom I am afraid she doesn’t have much longer. Not knowing what to expect or what do to to help her.
You may discuss with your mom's physician and get his opinion. Meanwhile, when she's awake, try to talk to her about happy things that can keep her spirit up.