Eggs and Cholesterol—How Much is Too Much?

2 Answers

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I ate French toast everyday I use 3 eggs.  I went to the Doctor for a blood test.  My cholesterol level was 546 and high blood pressure.  I have congestive heart failure and Peripheral Arterial Disease. I will see my heart doctor on Tuesday.  I do not take anything for both of these.  Can you recommend what I can take to improve them.
since are you are going to see the doctor, I think you should listen to his advice. he know your health information much more than I do .
you should have low cholestrol low salt food do proper mount of excercise. control blood pressre and control water intake. be careful about your bady weight,since  you may have edema easily.

 Eggs are a blood thicker, beside the fact of counting high cholesterol amounts.  
Start on 6 Alaska Cod or Salmon oils a day. Two each meal, to thin the blood.  No more 2 or 4 legged animal protein.  Only Alaskan fishes.   Consume 1/2 cup of olive oil a day.
Is the cholesterol in eggs the bad cholesterol [LDL]?
I eat 2 eggs at a time perhaps twice a week and my HDL is 78, normal for female is at least 55.
I eat a handful of walnuts 3-4 x weekly [ high in Omega-3 fatty acids].
My question is about seafoods like Shrimps, Lobster? Are they high in Cholesterol the bad one?
Can't say the cholesterol in eggs\shrimp\lobster is the bad one, these foods contain high cholesterol of course. A good way to eat is a mix of vegetable with protein/cholesterol. When you eat a serve of egg or shrimp or lobster, make sure you eat two serves of vegetable and fruits. This simple rule will make your diet healthier.