What Are Tongue Cancer Symptoms?

3 Answers

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I get these reoccurring sores that look just like the photo above, from tomato sauce. Assuming it's the acidic foods that causes it, yet they stick around for a bit, followed by fever & fatigue.
Should I be alarmed?
yes ,you shoulfd check out for Autoimmune disease. take enough vitamin.
Yesterday I found 2 black spots on my tongue. I have trouble swallowing at times.  My energy has been low. But I had acute bronchitis about a month ago.  What’s your opinion. Also I am 68 years old and never smoked.
I don't know what is the black spot is。 Is it subcutaneous hemorrhage,or Herpes simplex? fugus infection? does it hurt? I am not sure it is related to bronchitis. You should see a dermatologist.
So what's the differences between sore and tongue cancer?
My tongue has been sore for months now and I am getting to the place where food is getting hard to chew.Some foods I can't eat anymore because it burns my tongue so bad.What can I do?
You may have thrush. The doctor can prescribe an oral antibacterial mouthwash called “magic mouthwash” that will cure the yeast infection on the tongue. It feels like you gargled acid and it is very painful but easily cured.
Are there any ulcers on the tongue?

You may try to:

Avoid hard, spicy, salty, hot food/drinking;
Avoid smoking;
Use a toothpaste that doesn't contain sodium lauryl sulphate;
Use a straw to drink cool drinks;
Try OTC mouth ulcer gels;
Try vitamin B supplements.