What Are Tongue Cancer Symptoms?

3 Answers

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I get these reoccurring sores that look just like the photo above, from tomato sauce. Assuming it's the acidic foods that causes it, yet they stick around for a bit, followed by fever & fatigue.
Should I be alarmed?
yes ,you shoulfd check out for Autoimmune disease. take enough vitamin.
Yesterday I found 2 black spots on my tongue. I have trouble swallowing at times.  My energy has been low. But I had acute bronchitis about a month ago.  What’s your opinion. Also I am 68 years old and never smoked.
I don't know what is the black spot is。 Is it subcutaneous hemorrhage,or Herpes simplex? fugus infection? does it hurt? I am not sure it is related to bronchitis. You should see a dermatologist.
So what's the differences between sore and tongue cancer?
My tongue has been sore for months now and I am getting to the place where food is getting hard to chew.Some foods I can't eat anymore because it burns my tongue so bad.What can I do?