Normal Blood Creatinine Level

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A drug screen I had 6 montjs ago showed that my creatinine level was abnormal. The level was 11.4 MG/DL. I just looked at it today. I have back pain alot and brush it off as a 46 year old with a bad back. I have interstitial cystitis and see a urologist once a year. Now I'm getting concerned. Is the level bad? What other signs or symptoms should I be made aware of? I have the report in my e-mail. And I made sure it wasn't a typo.
I am not sure 11.4 MG/DL is abnormal, I think it's  normal. does the doctor literally tell you it's above the upper limit? i think your kidney function if ok. IF you are not suffering from Urinary frequency,Urgency,pain,  I think your situation is normal, you shouldn't be worry.
no doubt, you should recheck the result of your test with a doctor reading it.
What! This is very high!
Are you sure it's 11.4mg/dL? If this is true, then you should have been on dialysis!
1.11 is standard. I just received my test results, and that is what is on my report. Better stay on top of these things, because ( I just read while doing my research,) if the creatinine is too high, it can be fatal. I am currently on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, so I’m staying on top of this. I just emailed my doctor with questions about my test results. Hope you are well!
I am a transplant recipient and I have  one creatinine is steady at .92
For kidney transplant patients, it does not matter what is your creatinine level. What is important is whether your creatinine is stable. For example, if your creatinine is steady around 0.9, then it is very good. If your previous creatinine level is 0.5, and this time you got a creatinine level of 0.92 (although normal in absolute numbers), it still suggests something wrong, such as you may have a rejection. So look at creatinine changes rather than the value itself in kidney transplant recipients!
I was in rejection and it jumped up over 4.0 according to my transplant team it can fluctuate a little but if it jumps significantly it is a sign of rejection.
Yes, your case is a typical example that illustrates the importance of the stability of creatinine levels rather than the creatinine level itself in kidney transplant patients. BTW, BK virus nephropathy would also cause significant creatinine rise in kidney transplant patients, in addition to transplant rejection.
Hi my name is Ray I just got my blood test done and my creatinine is low how can I get it up
You do not need to do that.It is nromal and maybe affected by food,

Kidney surgery 19-23-18 (lost 10% of left kidney to cancer).  Just had blood test (1-10-19) and had reading of 1.28 creatinine.  Concern?  Next visit to urologist 2-6-19 with ultra sound 1-22-19.
the creatitine is normal, don't worry.
My creatinine in the last three test last year was normal.  This test yesterday shows it at 1.19.  They are also thinking I have a kidney infection.  Should I be concerned about the increase?
do you have trackable cause for increasing serum creatine?
what do you mean by kidney infection?
 Acute chronic glomerulonephritis, Acute interstitial nephritis can cause increasing serum creatine.
infection by pathogen don't cause increasing creatine.
you should go to a nephrologist and find out, ask him to explain to  you .
As of 1/14/19 My creatinine level is 1.66 which is down from 1.84 4 months ago it has been as high as 2.30 when I was told kidneys were only functioning at 15%. Does this mean my kidneys are getting better?
It can be a sign of getting better. since you have regular creatine test ,i guess your have docotor work for you. you could ask him or her about the situation.
do you suffer a acute high creatine, what is the cause? you should avoid the cause.
Creatine is 2.93 should I be highly concerned
I think you should go to the hospital ASAP. you should be concerned.
Had a heart Cath. My kidneys did not like the dye. A test about 2 weeks prior to heart cath showed creatinine at .09, after heart cath was at 1.80 or higher. Had heart bypass a week later when it came down to about 1.05.
 Came down to 1.04.  Now at 1.05,.  
 Is there anything I can do to help bring it back down?
Are you talking about urinary creatinine or serum creatinine? After surgery, it will increase relatively, pay attention to diet adjustment.
Sorry, My levels are 1.4 and 1.5. Not what is listed above. Is there a way to help repair any damage done  to my Kidney's ?
What's a normal range?
Hello. The normal range for creatinine in the blood may be 0.84 to 1.21 milligrams per deciliter (74.3 to 107 micromoles per liter), although this can vary from lab to lab, between men and women, and by age.
I am 63 years old and the lab results say 174 on creatinine spot Urine. What does that mean?
It means your kidney function is impaired. you should see a Nephrologist ASAP, find out the cause of this and get the righ treatment.
Sorry, My levels are 1.4 and 1.5. Not what is listed above. Is there a way to help repair any damage done  to my Kidney's ?
Reducing creatinine level is not the key. The key is to find out why creatinine level rises, renal insufficiency, and timely treatment for the causes. Additionally, it is not ruled out that lower urinary tract obstruction leads to renal insufficiency, such as benign prostatic hyperplasia and chronic urinary retention. Find the cause so your doctor will know how to repair the damage.