What Do Low Blood Levels Mean?

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what is tropipone?
Do you mean Troponin? I can't think of any other meaningful word similar to this one. Troponin is the test when someone shows symptoms of a heart attack and the Doc. wants to confirm it.
My CO2 result is 33 which is High  according to the range (22-30).  What causes CO2 and what are the symptoms?  What can I do to lower my CO2?
Hello, normal people have a certain amount of fixed acid excreted from the kidney every day, and the H2CO3 (volatile acid) excreted through the lungs is quite large. Therefore, respiratory failure will seriously affect the regulation of acid-base balance and body fluid electrolyte content. Respiratory dysfunction leads to hypoxia, which causes carbon dioxide to increase, accumulate, and retain, affecting normal cell metabolism and gas exchange, resulting in carbon dioxide retention. Treatment mainly includes the following aspects:
1. Establish a smooth airway
2. Proper oxygen therapy
3. Increase ventilation and reduce CO2 retention
4. Correct acid-base balance disorders and electrolyte imbalance
My report shows low red blood cell count. According to the symptoms, i might get the anemia.
My RDW was low. 11.2 Should I be worried?
Thank you for the information I'm so confuse my mother has been struggling with low blood levels 7.8 and high wbc, she's 89 and on a ventilator has had several infections including pneumonia and severe diarrhea.
Hi, when you said low blood levels 7.8, which one do you mean? red blood cell, platelet or else? Normal red blood cell is 4.2 to 5.4 million cells/mcL, normal range of platelet 150,000 to 400,000 platelets per microliter (mcL) or 150 to 400 × 109/L. High WBC is an indicator of bacterial infection. When the infection is cleared, you should be able to see WBC back to normal. The key is how to reduce the risk of infection.
My lower legs are purple and hard to the touch I had a ultra sound which showed no blood clots
Hi, have you tested your blood platelet count? How did the purple color develop? Is it diffuse or localized on your legs? Can you upload a picture? Do you have it on other part of the body?
Possible disorders are phlebitis, panniculitis, infection and purpura. You can go to the dermatology department and rheumatology department for further diagnosis.