Pain In Left Arm No Other Symptoms—Is It Heart Related?

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Left lower arm veins tender. More tender if i put chin to chest. Also muscle ache below left shoulder in back.
It seems your symptom is not related to heart attack, if it's lasting a day long. does it relate to physical activities? can it be relieved by rest?if not, it's hardly be heart attack.
Having left pain in arms and in shoulders blade what could be causing this.
if it's a persistent pain, it's a little chance of heart attack. you may have Periarthritis of shoulder. do you have risk factors of coronary heart disease: smoking, hypertension, diabetes, high BMI, family history? be careful. if you worried so much ,check out with a cardiologist
2 nights ago my husband had a sudden , painful pain in the left side. It made him think it was a rib out of place but also couldn’t understand why the pain was in the shoulder area.
He has heart failure, 100% Aterial fib, pace maker, mild leakage of valve and flutters.
Today he’s dizzy and weak. In fact, he’s laying down and slept most of yesterday. I’m forcing him to drink more water.
His blood sugar and blood pressure have good numbers. BP 121/63/61.
I don’t know what to do! He says he doesn’t have pain.
I’m the worry wort!!!
patient with heart failure shouldn't drink too much water. check out if he has edema in the lower limb and dyspnea. If
he eats less than usual days, it may be a sign of worsen heart failure. if the edema is getting serious , you should go to the hospital.
My whole left side has been asleep going on 9 hours. My hand is really tingly and it won't go away.
i think it's not a heart problem , more like a stroke. you should go to hospital as soon as possible.
My left arm hurts and is swollen the whole arm and hand
it's not heart-related, if they are swelling.
you should check the arteries and veins with ultrasonic test.
When I cough me entire left arm has a sharp sudden pain. Goes away w in a minute or so but when I cough again it happens and it is very painful. Sharp stabbing pain and feels like my arm is asleep.
That's what I have after writing papers for a whole day, if I laugh I feel chest pain.
how old are you ? smoking?
i think there is a small chance for  hreart-related pain. you should go to hospital.
old,smoking, cough, pain, you should be careful for lung cancer
how old are you ? smoking?
i think there is a small chance for  hreart-related pain. you should go to hospital.
old,smoking, cough, pain, you should be careful for lung cancer
I am 53. Exercise 3 days per week. Non smoker non drinker.
Get a complete check up by doctor. Get full panel bloodwork done. If everything checks out okay, ask doctor what to do next.
You might need a cardiologist to do a test to see if you have any blockages or a blood clot. I don’t know what else might be causing pain in your arm when you cough or laugh. Both are causing some kind of pressure of some kind to your arm. See a doctor for sure.
Please if you find out, reply to this and let others know what you found out. Good luck and good health!!
I’m only 15 but I’ve had serious pain in my arm and shoulder for the past day and last night my chest randomly hurt for about a minute. Anyone know what that could mean?
have you have a cold recently?have you done Anaerobic exercise with your upper limb? maybe a muscle stretch cause the pain?are you very thin? thin boys are susceptible to pneumothorax!

Hi, been having a reaccuring thumping sharp pain in my left shoulder for a couple months now. Sometimes my hand gets tingley and my pinky will feel numb. I've also noticed my left hand staying cold. I'm 31 and unfortunately a smoker. any clues on what this could be or what I should do about it.
it's hard to say. your symptoms shows ischemia in  Upper limb or Reynold’s syndrome.
you should go to hospital to find out.
Left side arm feels numb and tingling some what of a pain in chest as well. What could it be?
How old are you, how long has the left arm numb, and what other feelings besides numbness? How often in a day? How long is it? The situation of chest pain is more specific, what is the blood pressure and blood sugar? I suggest you go to the specialist to see it.