Pain In Left Arm No Other Symptoms—Is It Heart Related?

37 Answers

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Sudden left shoulder pain, discomfort that radiates down to arm, upper back and neck..when i turn to a certain position its when the pain worsens..if i sit up the pain hurts even more..i went to the ER. But they found no cause of heart attack.its been hurting now for 3 days..i recently been given some bad news..and i have anxiety. What is it..
your EKG and Myocardial injury marker are all right when you are in the ER and experiencing the pain? According to your description, it sound like a heart attack. do you have chest X-ray? Are you feeling any better as time goes by ? do you have rashed and blister in the skin?
I have pain on my left shoulder , but I have been having shortness of breath and hot flashes recently, I have had the pain for 4 days. I do have high blood pressure with kidney disease. Do you think I need to see a doctor
Hi, if you're still feeling the pain and shortness of breath, I think you need go to ER. If you're feeling okay now, I will suggest you go see a cardiologist.
Yes , you should . It sounds like a heart attack. If it pains so much , you should go to ER ASAP. it's life-threatening.
I have left side top of shoulder pain and front side of upper shoulder for 3days is it a heart attack symptoms
Hello. Usually if the shoulder pain lasts for a long time, it's not heart related. In heart attack cases, it usually goes much worse in hours or a couple of days since the patients started feeling the shoulder pain.
I have left upper shoulder pain and upper arm pain. A bruise showed up on my upper left arm and there was a big knot there but it is getting smaller. What is it
Hello, many causes may lead to subcutaneous bleeding-the bruise. Some doesn't matter, some can be real problems. So I'd recommend you to consult your health provider and get necessary examinations.
My Left Shoulder was feeling a little like I tore my Rotator cuff but Bearable all of a sudden it felt like dropped or got dislocated the pain is going in to my bicep as well.. Like it's ripped now too.. With out doing any physical activity to cause it.. What can it be?
Hello, I'm thinking of rotator cuff syndrome. To diagnose, physical examination is essential, and X-ray is needed.
I have a sharp pain in my right arm and sometimes it goes to my left arm but I looked up the symptoms and my heart is fine. But this pain does hurt. What should I do?
Usually it's linked to cervical spine problems. There're many nerve roots in the cervical spine, cervical spine problem can cause pain from fingers to back.
I woke up this morning and my forearm feels like I fell on it right below the elbow. It hurts pretty bad when I touch it. Had no problem when I went to bed last night! What can be the problem?
Hello Frank, is it possible that you pressed the forearm during sleep?
I have fibro and when i was little i had leukemia. My left hand swelled and i was given therapy but it left me with severe arm pain. I also had breast cancer with lymph nodes removed about 2 yrs ago. Im having pain from my left shoulder down to my fingers
Hello. Is there any chance that nerve was affected/hurt when the lymph nodes were removed? I'll recommend you to consider it as one of the possible causes.
My left arm goes numb and right now I got a prompt under a pillow when I take it off it feels like I don't have blood flowing through it and when I'm walk in my arm is down I could feel the numbness going through like I'm holding a weight on it and it's pulling down what could be the cause of this symptom
Hello Cheryl. It sounds like long-time ischemia. Any chance you've pressed the arm for a relatively long time?
Okay so yesterday I was having a sharp shooting pain through my left upper side of my chest went to the hospital but got sent bak home I had numbness and tingling through my left side all the way down to the legs and today it won’t seem as bad but it’s a uncomfortable feeling just sitting there in my left side of the chest I be getting cold the hot chills idk what to doo I don’t just want to ignore it either
Hello. I think you've had an ECG at hospital and it came back clean, right? In that case, the problem might be with the nervous system.