Pain In Left Arm No Other Symptoms—Is It Heart Related?

37 Answers

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I have been having pain in my left arm and my pinky finger and ring finger go numb, now I feel it in my right arm as well, I had a fall last year.
It is possible that the Brachial plexus was somehow injured. The brachial plexus is a group of nerves that come from the spinal cord in the neck and travel down the arm, it controls muscles and the feeling. A neurologist will help.
I have been having numbness and tingling from the top on down my left arm. This has been for the last 4-5 hours. Why?
There could be a long list of possible causes. More details about your conditions and symptoms?
Hello, I have a soreness feeling in my left arm and it looks like it is a little swollen at the top of my arm and the fold of my arm
Hello Ms. Davis, it may relate to lymph nodes which can be a bit swollen. Please let a doctor examine for you.
My girlfriend has been experiencing arm pain left arm going into her chest , she’s been getting dizzy and passed out the other night , she’s also been bloated and nauseous, I’m concerned what do I have her do
Please have her check the cervical spine.
I have a chest pain and left back pain I'm bloated due to my acidity but I noticed I have a spotting but I know my menstruation become worried to my health
Please make an appointment with your health provider. It'll take some exams to assess.
When I woke up yesterday morning I noticed slight left arm pain from my armpit through my inside bicep. Pain is constant and gets much more painful when I lift my arm up. It has not gotten better or worse, its been 24 hrs. now.
A frozen shoulder?
In the last few days I have experienced sharp pain in my left upper inside arm near my arm pit. Each day it has become more regular. I have not pulled, nor hurt it through an accident.
It can be muscle or bone, please let a Dr. do the physical exam for you.
iv been experiencing chest pains. not so much sharp pains but defiantly noticeably uncomfortable pressure a Lot with a tightening feeling in my arm pit area. (front side of left armpit where it creases) it occasionally goes down the front inside of my my arm. shortness of breath. I notice i feel it more when im lying down and not moving.
It's hard to say based on the symptoms you described. I'll recommend you to see a doctor and run some examinations.
Left arm cramps lower part of my arm been crampingfor about a month I need answer
Get the arm nerves checked, tests will show you the answer.
Hello my left arm ache and I get tingle some time what would cause this
My left arm is swollen and tingle also i also have pain in my left shoulder
Hi, suggest to get the neck and upper limb nerves checked.