Pain In Left Arm No Other Symptoms—Is It Heart Related?

37 Answers

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My wife has a lump in her left arm above her bicep 3 inches long and about 2 inches wide running across her arm. It's a noticeable visual bulge in her arm that hurts some but not completely unbearable. She has a out break of shingles but doesn't seem to look like a shingle thing. Could it be a blood clot????
There could be quite a few possibilities. Please let your health provider examine for your wife.
left upper arm/shoulder area in stinging frequent intermittent pain Kept me awake all night. Still have it in morning. Possible heart related???
No, not a heart problem. More like a nerve problem.
It's possible, better get an EKG.
I have a sort of dull pain in my left upper arm muscle bothers me the most when I use my arm (will cause a sharp pain to run down the muscle) or at night while I sleep my two fingers and thumb become numb and will wake me in pain also my right elbow aches and will send a shooting pain when I lift or just general use. My job consist of me lifting boxes or like folding linens sometime just lifting small items will effect both arms.
I'll suggest that you see an Orthopedist.
I have a nagging dull ache in my left arm, feels like it's in the muscle, comes and goes, l have NO other symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, sweating, just a nagging pain. Is this heart related?
From the symptoms, maybe not.
Having intermittent dull pain in the left arm along with elevated b/p 157/93 took blood pressure three times still elevated Should be concerned? Ian own blood pressure rx
Better see your cardiologist. If you have this high reading for days you need to let him know so he can re-evaluate the mediation. Besides, you can take the pressure more times a day for a few days.
I am having left arm pain from the top of my shoulder down the top & inside of my arm to my elbow & the pain continues to my wrist. It starts when my are is bent at the elbow, holding my cell phone or a book. The pain varies from a 2 to an 8. I have to straighten my arm out & stand up to get any relief. Seems to only hurt when it is bent.
This is likely associated with brachial plexus, a Neurologist should be able to help.
My left arm, and left chest have been both suffering for long time. I didn't have any shortness of breath. The other day, my friend took me to a Chinese masseur, an old man. He pressed my hand along my arm to my chest, Wow, that was so painful, he said the road to the lung is blocked, or whatever. It was so painful I yelled loud. I almost cried. Having some bruise along my arm now. But, Jesus, that's incredible, I feel so much relieved, no more dull pain.
I mean, that's a No Pain No Gain.