Is This Blood Pressure Reading All Right?

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My pressure is 163/ 78 with pluse rate of 94 , I'm 64 years old with COPD. Is there to be any concern.
you should take drugs to control BP.
your heart rate is fast, maybe because of COPD.
Long-term low-flow family oxygen therapy is suggested for your situation.
Is a blood pressure 122/55 normal
It's considered normal. The bottom number is a bit low, but 122/55 should be a fine BP value.
My blood pressure is 120/84 with a pulse of 94. 30 minutes prior to that it was 118/85 with a pulse rate of 101. I wasn’t doing anything but just sitting. I’ve noticed that my pulse is always between 85-99. I’ve seen a cardiologist and my stress test and echocardiogram has all come back normal. Should I be concern with these numbers. I have an autoimmune disease but I’m not sure if that would cause the fluctuations. Can someone help or make suggestions? Thanks
you shouldn't be worried , normal blood pressure is dynamic. it has nothing to do with your autoimmune disease. just relax.
my name is BOBBIE I am 68 yrs old... I have lymphomia , have been doing chemo.... Doing really good... every time I GO TO SEE MY DOCTOR MY BLOOD PREASURE IS VERY HIG... 91 OVER SOMETHING... WHEN I go to my primary dr as well its up.. WHEN I go to my chiropractor its good... WHEN I am home its good.. WE JUST TOOKIT AND IT WAS 141/78....PULSE WAS 72.... I  would like to know is this normal.. do I need to be concern,.my  cancer Dr. says its not good for it to be that high when I AM THERE AND SHE THINKS I NEED TO BE ON MEDS... I DO NOT WANT TO DEPEND ON MEDS...WHAT CAN I DO . I AM 4 FT 11 INCHES WEIGHT 130-135
you should have Ambulatory blood pressure monitoring and go to a cardiologist.
60 years I am 60 years old and I just checked my blood pressure and it was a hundred and 164 / 94 heart rate of 88
it's higher than normal,
you should measure 3 times a day at least, if they are all above 140/90, you have hypertesion and should see a doctor.
My blood pressure is 138/103
how old are you ?
if you are younger than 40 years old , you should take excercise and lose some weight, sleep well.
Hi my name is Rosa my blood pressure was 130/59 is that considered as to low. This morning it was 105/70 in the past year in a halve I have lost 157 pounds I am 5'2". And I am a stroke and Heart attack my readings ok
your blood pressure is normal. our blood pressure fluctuates greatly in a normal range.  Moderate exercise may be beneficial.
I am 66 years of age and have taken tablets for elevated blood pressure for more than 25 years that give me an average reading of 130/80. However,  after a workout at the gym (rowing and bike for about 90 minutes) my blood pressure reading about 1 hour later averages 95/55 and takes at least 5 hours to return to my usual. Is this considered ok?
do you feel uncomfortable when your Bp is 95/55, if not ,you shouldn't worry. if you chest pain ,dazziness , you should go to hospital to check out for heart problems.
. Yesterday my bp was 185/88. Tonight 177/103 after resting in a dark quiet room it was 189/111  I feel like crap and my head kills me tired and lil bit of SOB . I’m 47 with normally very low BP (80/56) slightly over weight with a prior mild stroke. Should I go to ER now?
yes, you should. you may have brain bleeding.
do you feel uncomfortable when your Bp is 95/55, if not ,you shouldn't worry. if you chest pain ,dazziness , you should go to hospital to check out for heart problems.
Thanks Luke,
No chest pain or dizziness so mind at rest and I'll keep going with the gym workouts.