What Is Fatty Infiltration of the Liver?

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What do you think of a mild diffuse fatty infiltration of the liver?

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Lower blood lipids,low fat diet,alcohol withdrawal etc..to prevent liver function damage
What is Modular Hyperplasia in the Liver?!
Hello, I have never heard of liver modular hyperplasia. Are you talking about focal nodular hyperplasia of the liver? It is a rare benign lesion of the liver and is one of the benign liver tumors after hepatic hemangioma.
Medication for Fatty liver
Hello, there is still no effective drug for preventing and treating fatty liver. The existing ruge hepatoprotective drugs are mainly used for the adjuvant treatment of patients with non-alcoholic steatohepatitis and alcoholic liver disease with liver damage or obvious symptoms. If you do not have the above complications, you can combine diet and exercise, lifestyle change will help. If your doctor can find the underlying cause of fatty liver, there can be a treatment to the underlying problem.