Is Your Stool Normal?

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If i showed you a video of worms in my sores and a worm coming out out my but i would watch then barrow on my skin and geab then i gothic see them crawling around they made sis on me and latched themselves to my vagina wall i would see then swim inn the Follett after i pooped i took then it kid my sores some are different colors i puked one time and about a hundred of whit small worms came out even out of. My nose can u tell if i send you footage
it seems like you get a Parasitic infection,you should go to the CDC or hospital ,figure out what kind of worm you have and get therapy. the medication is not complex, maybe a few pills keep  you free of the worms.
I had a peccary inserted r a fallen uterour could this cause constipation  with like little round ball.
I can' t understand what are you saying. whatever it is, you should take action: drink enough water,high-fiber diet, take drugs.