What Are Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors?

3 Answers

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I've been diagnosed with pancreas legions of three masses, one is 5.5 centimeters and two smaller ones and so is the liver has legions.  My guess is that after finding out about this learning about the risks and infection or even life span expectancy etc. I heard about the focused altrasound and I'd be more than happy to have this procedure done, but where and how do I get this done?  Sincerely yours,  Ms. Gloria Guillen
I am not clear about what disease do you have , no medical terms is  pancreas legions.
do you mean cyst or tumor? if cyst, it's can be removed by surgury. if tumor, you should uncergo systemic tests to evaluate the whole body by a professional.
My brother in law has elastic neroendrine tumor on anterior to the aortic bifurcation size up in 3 months 12.1 to 27.1  aortic arch 2.2-5.1 is this a big change meaning getting worse??
It means the tumor is continuing to grow, and the difficulty and risk of surgical resction increase too. Your brother-in-law should see a surgeon ASAP to get this tumor resected.
My husband was just diagnosed with   Neuroendocrine cancer.   A small top of the pancreas with metastasis to the liver- CD 56 - positive , strong diffuse.  The tumor board here is recommending chemo and no surgery mentioned.   I do not remember which chemo.     Is this the normal protocol
Hello, do you mean that the tumor has already metastasized? If there is a metastasis, surgery is generally not recommended, because at least two parts of the operation should be removed, and may be transferred to other parts. Surgery is not a good choice. Wishing good luck and a speedy recovery.
My husband was just diagnosed with an aggressive neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas and liver.  Chemo has been recommended by the tumor board here.   Is that the normal protocol or is surgery more
Often recommended first
surgery is the best way to get rid of any kind of cancer. If the cancer is too big or has wide metastasis. otherwise, chemo is the only choice.