What is Diastolic Blood Pressure Number?

5 Answers

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Is 65 a bad number concerning the lower number in a blood pressure reading. And is 125/65 something I should be concerned about? I must add that I had a mini struck in 2012.
Hi Mrs. Rumley, BP 125/65 is normal, any bottom number between 60-90 is considered normal, the range for top number is 90-140. If you had a mini stroke in the past, you'll need to check on your cholesterol level periodically. I hope this message can help explain.
I dont know if you have hypertension or atherosclerosis? how old are you. 125/65 shows normal state, if you don't have dizziness、faint, it's ok for you.
My moms blood pressure is 122/58 is that something thmo be concerned about?.
Im really worried!!!. Can someone give me feedback! Thanks!!!!
top number-between 90-140 is normal
bottom number-between 60-90 is normal
Is 30 as a bottom number a cause to worry. I have type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. My blood pressure was 140/30
it's not a right number, the lower NO below 30 had no symptom, which is impossible. you should test your blood pressure more times and by professionals.
another tip, do you have arrhythmia?
Is in the 50s to low for bottom number
yes, if you don't have uncomfortable feelings, it's ok. if the Diastolic Blood Pressure is below 50, you may feel fatigue ,dizzy,cold
Is 92 considered a high Diastolic Blood Pressure
Yes, Glenda, 92 is high in diastolic.
My diastolic number runs between 54 and 58.  Is this dangerous?  The upper number is now down to between 122 and 128.
They are all normal. No need to worry.