FDA Approved Drugs and User Comments: MAGNESIUM SULFATE

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I had mag sulfate given to me when I was pregnant with my son who was frank breach.  The doctors said it was necessary so they could try to manipulate him to the birthing canal.
    Within a minute, I was told... "This is gonna get hot!"  Well it was soo hot, I went into a coma like state. When I awoke, 3 doctors, 4 nurses,  and a slew of interns, were watching as a doctor had an arm up my vagina ready to pull baby out, because his heart had stopped beating.  
    I was scheduled for C-section the next morning.  
   I was told, my blood pressure had dropped to 30/70, and baby had almost none.
   The nurse who gave me the Mag shot, apparently did not do it slow enough.
 (So I was told)
   Nevertheless,  I was told I was allergic to magnesium sulfate , and that is why my baby and I almost died.  Huuum?
mag sulfate is commonly used in gyncology department.
I think there is a reason you have been given mag sulfate by the doctors.
allergy happens in the hospital. you should trust your doctor. besides, you and your baby are all heathy now. bad thing can happen in the delivery, you should be thankful.
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