closed What Is The Life Expectancy of Neurosarcoidosis Patients?

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I Am An Existing Neurosarcoidosis patient and I am on Prednisone for life.I would like to receive more emails on my condition by emails thank you very much.

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All I can tell you is I suffer from sarcoidosis to neurosarcoidosis the best thing to do is I keep a good diet exercisep eventually you will come off the meds make sure you exercise that is the key. No alcohol

My uncle was diagnosed neurosarcoidosis in his 52, at first he just felt headache and often confused about what we say. Later it get worse and worse, he cannot hear, cannot speak or see clearly. But he could still speak with us, just in his own way. We’ve took him to a therapy, and doc prescribed corticosteroids and other medicines for him. Now he is 65 and to our surprise his symptoms seems gone away. I mean his like a normal old man instead of a patient. His doc said that it’s a remission. Some people just go on to live normal lives as time pass  by. Good luck to you!
Everyone is different. Try your best and live positively. There's a hope.