Brain tumor vision problems

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peripheral loss right eye, minor balance problems, infrequent severe pain right top of head when bending downward, which ends quickly upon raising my head.

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It's complicated, better get an imaging test of brain.
I have peripheral vision loss in my left eye, headaches lots of different colors.loss of coordination and balance.
Sounds like your pain is related to your body posture, this may mean that it's associated with the nerves, like nerve compression at certain of your body postures. But tests are needed to know which nerve is compressed by what.
As your described, it's a vision loss in a few parts of the visual field with one eye, you also have a balance problem, it means you do need a MRI or CAT scan on the head.

Sudden loss of vision has three general causes:

Clouding of normally transparent eye structures

Abnormalities of the retina (the light-sensing structure at the back of the eye)

Abnormalities of the nerves that carry visual signals from the eye to the brain (the optic nerve and the visual pathways)

What can cause a balance problem include:

inner ear problem

brain problem

head injury

heart problem

You have both imbalance and vision problem, a head problem is the first to rule out.
I had brain surgery to remove a tumor.  The tumor was putting pressure on the optic nerve and the damage it caused is why im not able to see correctly from my left eye.