Does congestive heart failure have stages

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Yes, there're 4 stages. You can read the details here.
Yes, they are 4 stages of congestive heart failure depending on the tolerance of daily physical activity. In stage 3 and 4, you have very low tolerance of physical activity.
My man is 73, in 2016 he had a motorcycle accident. He did have bleeding on the brain, in 2014 he was diagnosed with an aneurysm, but he fell last night and, he won't go to the hospital. I'm scared to death. HELP ME
He needs to go to the hospital for help. Where is the aneurysm? Aortic aneurysm  or aneurysm in brain artery is very dangerous. The rupture of aneurysm could lead to death.
Hi, Sondra, why did he refuse to go to the hospital? Once it ruptures, there's not much we could do to help! He needs to go to the hospital!