My heart rate is always 85 to 90 I’m 47 years old I hit my head on tree I think I have concision syndrome

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Was your heart rate 85-90 before the hit? 85-90 is still normal.

Did you have any medical test for the head? A concussion needs lab tests or imaging tests to confirm. Symptoms of concussion include pressure in the head, headache, confussion, dizziness, if you feel fine, just take a good rest. There's no better way than rest for concussion anyway.

However watch out these symptoms, and let your family members know about these, if any of them occur, it means the injury to the brain is more than a concussion and you'll need to be sent to ER right away.

  • Becomes very sleepy
  • Behaves abnormally
  • Develops a severe headache or stiff neck
  • Has pupils (the dark central part of the eye) of unequal sizes
  • Is unable to move an arm or leg
  • Loses consciousness, even briefly
  • Vomits more than once
Good luck!
A concussion can affect your heart rate. It reflects functional disturbance of the central nervous system, which would cause dysfunction in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), then modify cardiac autonomic cadence, i.e., the variability of the heartbeat.
Your heart rate is in the normal range. How long it has been since you hit the tree. If have headache or dazziness, you shoud see a doctor. A brain CT scan may be needed.