What is the best knee brace for knee buckling

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It depends on how much support you need for your knee joint. 

I have a slight knee injury from daily exercises, mainly squat practice. Never have seen the orthopedist or taken the X-ray, I'm doing okay when walk, feeling pain when it's cold. This is the type I use. 

This level of support is good enough for me. It's warm and flexible, easy to wash.

My boyfriend, he has a meniscus problem, Dr. said the only solution is surgery however it's not that bad yet. This is the one he uses.

He wears them in gym, not in work. 

He takes the joint supplement from GNC, the triple effect one, he's okay doing daily activities without the brace. 

Last, can I just say I love him so so so much!!! blush laughheart It's for the record.