What could be the cause of pain in both arms?

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Can this be a sign of heart attack, both arms in pain?
Maybe. As Dr. says, pain anywhere from stomach to head can be a sign of heart attack.
How can you know it's not a muscle pain?
It's possible. A lot of things are possible. That's why tests are necessary for diagnosis. Oh, Lord knows.
My chest and the inside of both upper arms burning
Mylanta with lancane stopped it at the hospital thought esophagus irritation causing it
Went to heart Doctor today and they want to do a pet scan
Can esophagus cause pain in upper arms
Yes, it's possible. Reflux esophagitis can cause pain in upper arms. An upper digestive tract endoscope is often needed to confirm/exclude the diagnosis of reflux esophagitis.
Yes, pain from esophageal diseases can sometimes be reflected to the upper arm.

It is often caused by the following reasons:

1) Rheumatism causes arm soreness. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as fosalin, can be selected according to doctor's advice.

2) Pain caused by labor. The key to this kind of arm soreness lies in prevention. Housewives need to change their postures frequently when doing housework to avoid doing certain movements for a long time. If it occurs, u must let the arm rest in time. At the same time, under the guidance of the doctor, u should adopt appropriate treatment methods, which can generally be cured.

3) Cervical spondylosis leads to arm soreness, which is a common syndrome in the elderly. Its symptoms are diverse and complex, but the main symptoms are headache, neck, shoulder, back and arm soreness, neck and neck stiffness, resulting in limited movement of patients.

Have you done physical exercise recently? how old are you?

Pain in muscle or pain on the bone? Very regional pain or the kind pain you can't tell the point?There are a lot of reasons for this,those possible: fibromyalgia, polymyositis, nerve compressed by lymphoma and so or. If you can't stand the pain, you should see a doctor to find out.
Yes exercise 3 days a week I'm 71 years old in my younger years I was a powerlifter lifting heavy weights.
The most possible reason is that you injured your shoulders chronically, maybe osteoarthritis or rotator cuff injury. Also the nerve might be compressed under these conditions, leading to the pain in both arms.

I think you need to see a rheumatologist or an orthopedist to check your shoulder.
MRI should be done to clarify the specific injury.

Pain killers can be taken to relieve your symptoms such as ibuprofen.
What does the pain feel like, like a sting, burn or a sore? Is it consistent or paroxysmal?
Does the pain go worse with physical exercise? 
Does it go worse if you take deep breath? 
It’s like a pulsating pain in my upper arms
The most common cause is tendinitis or rotator cuff tear. First you have to get a CT/MRI scan. Then you should see a doctor to discuss whether it should be treated surgically or conservatively by physical therapy.