Heart annerism. Life expectancy what is it

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heart aneurysm? or aortic aneurysm? no matter which one. Both are dargerous and can caused sudden death. The so-called aneurysm means that the local normal tissue is damaged and thinned, and it may break at any time.
So it's hard to say how long, if you're lucky, maybe very long, if you're unlucky, the rupture may come next minute.

Take medication to prevent the rupture and arrange for surgery, that's the best protection for you.

Are you not planning for surgery, Mrs. Monroe? It's kind of risky. 

There are the medications commonly used to prevent the aneurysm from rupture.

  • Beta blockersLower blood pressure by slowing the heart rate.
    Metoprolol · Atenolol
  • Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs)Used in place of beta blockers.
    Losartan · Valsartan
  • StatinsTo lower cholesterol.
    Atorvastatin · Lovastatin

They're on prescription.