Who do I see for a heart anuersym it is four and a half

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Boston Children's Hospital is preferred, and Texas Children's Hospital or Children's Hospital of Philadelphia are also experienced in the treatment of cardiac aneurysms.
By four and a half do you mean the size of the aortic aneurysm?
See a cardiologist of course. Is it ascending or descending aorta? There's a difference.
For TAA - thoracic aorta aneursym, when the size is less than 4 cm, the 5 year incidence of rupture is close to 0 percent. When it grows to 4 - 5.9 cm, the 5 year incidence of rupture rises to 16%. The incidence goes up to 31% when the TAA grows beyond 6 cm. In diameter.

Yours is already 4.5 cm, despite of etiology and location you'll need bi-annual scan, CT or MRI, because the aneurysm grows. The good news is thoracic aorta grows slowly, 1 mm/yr for ascending, 3 mm/yr for descending.

If you follow up with your cardiologist, he/she will set a line, when the TAA grows to the line, I'm sure your Dr. will discuss with you about treatment or surgery.

Usually when TAA grows to 1.9 to 2.4 inches (about 5 to 6 centimeters) , surgery will be recommended. It's a mature surgery, find an experienced medical team you'll be in good hands.

People with Marfan syndrome requires surgery when the TAA is smaller.